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Urf Memorial Contest

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My entry for the contest is the attached sketch. Thanks for giving us this opportunity for creativity Riot. I enjoyed myself coming up with this idea and drawing it.

"Angelic Urf"
Hand drawn - pencil.

EDIT: I also thought this could be a possible skin idea if Urf comes back from the dead. But that's for you at Riot to decide, not me. xD

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Senior Member


"One More Angle-fish in Heaven" (Significantly barrowing from “One More Angle In Heaven” from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcaot.)

(The scene is set, all the Riot Developers are present. They are typing away on their en-circled computers. Excitement is in the air as Riot's prodigal champion Urf has just been finished and refined just in time to be released early April. Out of the wood Warwick, and Three Wolf Minions come solemnly rock-stepping in front of the Riot Developers.)

(Warwick steps forward and sings)

Warwick: “Riot we've something to tell you, a story of our time
A tragic but inspiring tale of manatee-hood in its prime
You know you had 49 champ-i-ons
Well now that's not quite true.
But feel no sorrow, do not grieve,
He would not want you to.”

Wolf Minions: "There's one more Angle-fish in heaven.
There's one more star-fish in the sky.
Urf we’ll never forget you...
It’s tough but we’re gonna get by.

Riot Staff Sing in unison: “There’s one less slot in our rotation
There’s one more tear in my eye.”

Warwick: “But Urf the things that you stood fer:”

Cute Little Wolf Minion: "Like truth and light...never die."

Warwick: (Shifty eyes) “When I think of his last great battle,
A lump comes to my throat.
It takes a manatee who knows no fear
To wrestle with “on a boat.”
His blood-stained spatula is tribute to,
His final sacrifice.
His body may be past its peak
But his skin is awfully nice.

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Dear Urf in heaven,

I'm just one of the many of your fans.

yes, maybe I'm not the best (either in writing or english) but still I'm in love with you.
I'm not the longest summoner who knows you(like other summoners from beta) yet I had a plenty of love for you.

sometimes live is cruel dear our urf, and sometimes live is full of joy.
I love your spatula, I love your passion for jax, and I love you as a manetee.

I though I will keep in touch with you
I though we will fight together
I though we will surf together

but what is done... is done

I hope you will happy there, in the far far far far far far away place

where I can't summon you again

and please, rest in peace, don't hold any grudge for warwick.

cause we will and we MUST revenge you (die warwick die ! ).

for the name of nature and for the name of manetee lover !

sleep well my dear manetee sleep well...

our loves always be with you


Urf, the Manetee

dead cause : warwick (and april fool's)

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Today we mourn Urf, The Manatee, who captured out hearts and washed away all of our fears. It was a sad moment, the death of the sea cow and the culprit is still yet to be caught. Yes, Wawrick, the Blood Hunter has claimed Urf’s skin, but as all fans of the League of Legends know, Warwick is an agile hunter who chases down the remnants of enemies who have endured and barely survived tough team battles. So it may be safe to say that Warwick is not the murderer. But who did the dastardly deed? In the fashion of a popular board game, we have constructed possible scenarios for the tragedy that has happened.

Was it Gangplank (ARGH!) with his pirate ship (because perhaps of his anger of soon having to face TWO ninjas with no ally) near the waters of Baron Nashor that stroke our beloved Urf and led him to Davy Jones’ Locker all too soon? Or did Heimerdinger do it at the Blue Nexus with his upgraded Micro-Torpedoes, to “collect” Urf for his innards and fat to create some new and powerful invention? Or had Annie, our cute but deadly Dark Child, thrown a temper tantrum and killed Urf at the watered gate of the Dragon by Incinerating the water that he loved so much, thus cooking him alive? Did Articuno… erm… Anivia’s envy for the water mammal’s great swimming ability finally result in her freezing the waters of Summoner’s Rift to finally rid the world of the manatee? Or maybe, Jax, Urf’s hero, turned on the unfortunate soul in the dark shadows of the Fog of War to replace his tiresome lamppost with that of the manatee’s superior spatula? Or did Corki, in an effort to replace his Gatling gun with Urf’s, shoot his phosphorous bomb into the sea and “explodeded” the manatee? But we must not disregard the possibility of a new, unseen hero killing the manatee. Was it, as manatee folklore dictates, a hero, with trident in hand, made of part man and part fish, who killed the manatee and stole his ever growing abilities?

The true answer may never be known… but perhaps there was no single perpetrator. Perhaps it was either suicide or a plot by all the champions to destroy the sea cow. Did Urf, with his friendly nature commit suicide so as not to enter the League and use his “pwnage” skills or was he brutally annihilated by all the rest of the heroes for fear of him becoming the true champion? Or perhaps there was no source from within the League for the manatee’s demise. May it have been an external, outside forcing controlling the League and all its inhabitants? Had Urf given up on life because this source, we won’t name names (*cough* Riot), would never let him enter the games?

So after constructing this report (which is comprised of more questions than answers) we have come to no real conclusion of how fate took or friend, or ally, or partner. We can only hope that one day Urf will return to us with either a new-found thirst for human brains or as an entity from beyond having unfinished business with the League of Legends.

We love you Urf and you truly will be missed. Rest in Peace…………………………………

P.S. And finally I sure do hope that Urf's death was not a practical joke set by Shaco gone horrible awry...

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Junior Member


In loving memory of Urf-The Sea Manatee
Please watch and rate. Thanks. =)

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Junior Member


Urf my man, i respect you.
you said every problem has a solution
and you said i can take any chalenges that will come
since ur my best friend you know me very well and the only problem i have is you,
you urf is the most perfect guy that i met
you helped me when im in trouble
you dont leave me when i need company
you just complete my day
now my problem is why do u have to leave me
i know im not that perfect like you but urf ur just awesome
i will avenge you from this vicious lycantrope i will unite with the league
i will sacrifice to kill that lycantrope
i love you my best friend
here is a little something for you hope you like it

ur best friend

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grey may

Junior Member


Please Run away,
Urf no don't go,
These words I said but you didn't know.

We stacked hearts of gold,
So that one day we could get away from this cold,
To the beaches of San Diego,
You'd have your water and we'd eat play dough,
We stacked and stacked ingot and ingot,
but we forgot,
the armor we need to protect our own heart.

Please Run away,
Urf no don't go,
care Urf care,
There's a wolf on the loose and we don't know where,
care Urf care,
My heart shriveled up like a rotten pear.

Care Urf Care.

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A torn alliance has broken humanity
And spoiled our sense of serendipity
Any loss is always a tragedy
Whether by accident or even stupidity

Our bonds of kinsman-ship tested
Our happy and joyous feelings bested
Our friend is now feeling well rested
Many hours of devotion invested

The future is hazy and unclear
At these times there's naught but a cheer
All of you now must adhere
For you now have nothing to fear

Upon us has fallen calamity
In times of foolish prosperity
We must nullify this disparity
And hold vigil to Urf the Manatee


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Mr Wang Fire



Why do you guys right lyrics or poems that rhyme? Poems don't need to rhyme and that you guys are using standard ABAB structure is boring. Use something a little different.

Urf, We won't forget.

Urf, We won't forget
That the fire burning,
that the light you show,
glows inside of each us,
burns magnificently.

Urf, We won't forget
that you show us the path,
the righteousness that you hold,
is imprinted in our minds.

Urf, We won't forget
how you strive to achieve,
that you are reflection
that we try receive.

May you rest in peace,
A safe haven, a wondrous area.

Take care Urf. We won't forget you.

Not now. Not ever.

It's not great but I'm going to try to create a melody and implement these lyrics so that I will have a song. Otherwise, this is all I have and it could be a poem I guess. :'(