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Twitch, The Plague Rat

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Betas down, so i thought i would give you guys a guide how to rape with Twitch.

First of all Twitch is a GANK hero, hes designed for sneaking up behind someone and assassinating them before they know what hit them, hes not designed for a face to face matchup, if he was he would have armor/hp growth.

That being said, if you want to know how to dominate with an ambush twitch build, here you go!


Passive: Deadly Venom, does increasing damage over time, stacks up to six times maxing out at 25dps. The danger in Venom is when you use it in combination with Debilitating Poison or Expunge.

Ambush: Lets you go invisible, a great way to move in and out of combat. And if invisibiliy wasn't enough in one skill, gives you a 20-100% attack speed bonus for up to 10 sec depending on how long you were stealthed, Quite possibly one of the most dangerous single skills in the game. Great way to get multiple stacks of deadly venom on a target quickly.

Debilitating Poison: Slows based on how many stacks of deadly venom are on the target, very very effective for chasing down a quick target such as Teemo.

Expunge: This and Ambush are the bread and butter of twitch, the damage increases based on how many iterations of Deadly Venom are on a target, use it every 6 hits for optimum damage.

Spray and Pray: Great for farming! horrific for actually killing a single target, when this skill is cast Twitch will spray and pray, firing very fast but will stop moving. Your better off leveling Ambush or Debilitating Poison if your going to chase someone.

Focus: 21 attack (damage and +critical chance/damage, 9 utility. the utility is hp/mana regen bonus xp, and +1 gold per 10 sec.

Runes: all on +% critical damage not +% critical chance. Your items will give you the % chance you need to rape

Spells: Focus on mobility

Teleport: Idk if its a bug, but it sure rapes face, twitch can use Teleport while under the effects of ambush. Yes you read that right Twitch can teleport to any location on the map while under the effects of Ambush. When teleporting to a fight, i would suggest teleporting to a tower instead of a creep given the animation is less obvious there.

Flash: Chase/Escape, works well to use flash while Ambush is channeling to fade uninterrupted. Can be used in the fade time for Ambush.

The Strategy: KILL KILL KILL

When i play twitch, i go for hyper attack speed and hyper critical, purely Dps. The fact of the matter is the faster you stack posion on a target, the more of a chance you have to kill them. In either a chase or escape situation, either stack posion for slow, or for Expunge.

Always be on the move, you can enter any lane without interruption. Get behind/near an enemy hero and fire away, after the 6th attack expunge. After the next two attacks use Debilitating Poison, you don't need more than 40% slow to chase effectively. Continue unleashing an onslaught of attacks spamming Expunge and Debilitating Poison. Very few heros can withstand two cycles of Expunge at level 9.

Item Focus: Attack Speed/Critical Chance.

Twitch has a massive advantage over most heros because he has +100% attack speed with Ambush.

1st: Boots! (get attackspeed ones idr name will edit)
2nd: Zeal
3rd: Zeal (two zeals, higher attack speed/Crit, and more cost efficient than going for early Phantom dancer, When you get 2x zeals you should very very effective at killing enemies very quickly, also the increased move speed will make chasing enemies very very easy)
4th: Depending on how your games going

If their team is Nuking hard: Banshee's Veil (Reduces magic damage significantly/gives you hp to maintain in a fight with said Nukers)

If they have Tanks/Dps: The Black Cleaver (With twitches attackspeed you can reduce their armor to -60 in almost no time, also the +75 damage with your crit chance lets you crit 500 constantly(goal is to stack so much damage no one can tank you))

After you get your fourth item you should be able to dominate almost everyone on the battlefield. After the fourth item its either finishing the Phantom Dancers, Or going for an Infinity Edge for machine gun 1k crits.


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Need For Speed Twitch: Major magic damage and magic penetration. No need for attack speed runes with this build! Stay sneaky and stick close to teammates. Farm farm farm farm farm farm.

Boots of Speed: (level 3 movement)
Ionian Spark: (+attack speed, farming boost, +magic dmg)
Wit's End: (+attack speed, +magic dmg, +resist)
Madred's Bloodrazor (+attack speed, +%health magic dmg, +armor)
Malady: (+attack speed, +magic dmg, +magic shred)
Void Staff (+ %magic pen)

Nail Driver Twitch: *Low cost build* High AD, crit chance, life steal. I recommend a runepage full of attack speed if you do this build. This build let's you be a little more bold, but beware of abilities that stun; if they stop your damage output you're toast. If you want an even cheaper build you can switch Infinity Edge for Tiamat, that way you can spray their whole team if they pack up too much. Also, with the extra CDR you can Ambush frequently

Ionian Boots: (+CDR)
Brutalizer: (+Dmg, +CDR, +Armor Pen)
Wriggle's: (+Dmg, +Armor, +Lifesteal)
Bloodthirster: (+Dmg, +Lifesteal)
Executioner's: (+Crit, +Lifesteal)
Infinity Edge: (+Dmg, +Crit)

Hope you enjoy my builds as much as I do.

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Sereg Anfaug

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Necromancy has occured here. This thread was from 2009. It doesn't even list Twitch's current abilities =P