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Need Warwick Crash Course

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Wazzabi has a great guide, I second that. I'm a little cautious about being ganked to start matches though so I grab a Vamp Scepter instead of items like cloth armor that snowball into Bloodrazor, and start at the easiest camp on either top or bottom of Lizard depending on where you start game at.

Like Wazzabi said, if you get wolves, use W level 1 and start with leader Brown Wolf. Do not use Smite. If they are the stone giants, use Smite and W and take them down. Next go to Ghosts and either Smite or W the blue leader and kill him first, then the rest. Next cross mid and go to other small camp do not use Smite here either way stone or wolf. After that head to Golem for buff and Smite him right away, but don't attack him. Attack the two smaller minions first, then him.

Alternate W, Q, W, Q for your first four levels either way you start out, with Vamp Scepter or Clother Armor/Longsword. Also either way your core build should be Madred's Bloodrazer. I like Wit's End a lot, and I stole the idea of upgrading Vamp Scepter into Malady from a good WW I saw in game. It works quite well to keep WW alive in the eye of the storm during teamfights.

You'll come out of them shaking your head at times thinking how did I just survive that hailstorm?

Good luck, and my best tip is to learn from your betters. I take tips from people all the time, and I have a 2 to 1 win rate with WW. Also, Wazzabi is right. I can't stress this enough, WW comes with a stigma. Ppl love to hate on him and blame you for all that goes wrong in the game. They don't get that you grant them early leveling advantage and that that enables them to do everything easier. They play like a dummy and will call you a non-team player.

sorry but no good LoL player uses malady, upgrade your scepter into bloodthirster or dont upgrade it at all. and wits end is ok on a strong mage team, but it gives hardly any dps, and a bf sword would be better.