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Taric – Great hero, annoying vocalizations.

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Looking over the guides posted here on Taric, no one plays him quite the way I do, and so I figured I’d share. I play him as pure team support, which is exactly as it should be. Please note, this does not pigeonhole him into a tank or healing role, but assumes you will perform duties assuming to the weaknesses of your team at any given time. So because I don’t like to mince words and the forum already has a condon, Lets go.


Passive (Gemcraft) – Restores 7.5% of your attack damage every time you strike. This is pretty bad as passives go, but hey, a little extra mana over time never hurt anyone. Use this to your advantage. You can make yourself look like an autoattacking noob who has no idea how to last hit as you whomp on creeps to restore mana while laning.

Q (Imbue) – Heal #1. This heals a teammate for the total listed + AP and heals you for the same amount at the same time. If you cast it on yourself it heals for 1.4x the amount. This means that you get the most healing out of it when healing other people, in terms of mana per point healed. It is almost always better to target someone else (unless everyone is full, obviously). The cooldown of this ability is reduced every time you hit something with your attack. Translation: When you need to heal someone you need to hurt someone else. Whomping on stuff is like drinking: It’s good for you!

W (Shatter) – Gives you an extra armor aura as well as giving you the ability to aoe nuke stuff that’s near you. The nuke reduces the armor of enemies hit by it too. This skill is versatile. Keep it up while running away so people take less damage, use it to get your damage on the assist board during team fights and also make things take more damage, use it to aoe creep, etc.

E (Dazzle) – The stun. Stun duration is inverse to damage dealt. The longer it has to go to reach the target, the more stun it does and the less damage. This can also be a high(ish) damage nuke if you’re close to the target, but if you need the damage from dazzle to kill something, your game has already gone horribly awry with very little hope of recovery. Try to be a bit away from your enemy when you use it so that it does maximum stun duration. With practice you will get a feel for how far away to be for maximum stunness.

R (Radiance) – Heal #2: Now with bonus AOE! An aoe heal that pulses every second that also increases your damage and your team’s damage. Each pulse of this heal costs exponentially more mana. This skill is incredible, and often used improperly. The important thing here is to remember to turn it off.


This is always up to the player, of course. I personally go with a 0-9-21, picking up the armor, resistance, and hp regen based on mana thingy. I’m sure someone will get mad that I don’t pick up the dodge, but I find having the hp regen (Which is not inconsiderable with 3 points) to be more useful since there are enemies that don’t use their auto attack that much. Standard 21 build in utility. For runes I prefer to use @18 runes, because they get more powerful than flat ones around level 9-10, which is so easy to get to I feel the others are a waste of money. So I have hp regen and hp in the yellows, all magic resist in the blue (Taric gets an armor bonus, so this helps the other defensive stat), and all flat crit runes in red. I use crit runes because early game, a surprise whack from Taric (who no one expects dps out of) shocks people and affords you greater lane control. For summoner spells I use flash/clarity. Clarity is non-negotiable in my opinion, flash I’m not entirely sold on but it’s a requirement for most games.

Psychological Game:

As Taric they expect you to be annoying on the field, and they are going to want to focus you. However you’re kinda tanky so that’s not really a good option and they know that. This means they are going to be fighting their natural urges to wtfpwn you at every opportunity, and you can play to that. Mainly, by being a completely annoying moron in allchat. Sing songs, tell bad jokes, ask people if they like various pop culture phenomena that the average LOL player will hate (Twilight & miley cyrus are perfect for this). Speak in another language, etc etc. I frequently get told things like, “UR NOT FUNNY”[sic] which I would have to disagree with because the moment I see that I start howling with laughter. When people are annoyed with you they will make mistakes and attack you more, which plays to your advantage. Part of the key to this is to not overtly insult anyone. When you insult someone, you’re making yourself less valuable to all parties. Your team likes you less and the other team now has a unified front to dislike you. Some people will find your ridiculous antics funny, others will get really annoyed. Drive that wedge into them.

Early Game:

You’re going top or bottom. Solomid Taric is a complete waste and you should know why. For a lanemate you want someone with dps, preferably bursty. I’ve met with amazing success laning with ez and sivir. Lanemates you don’t want, amusingly enough, are control or stun types. Taric with Sion seems like an awesome lane, but it kinda sucks. When people see two controller types they’re expecting the stun brigade and play much more conservatively. At level one you should pick up a mana crystal, 2 hp pots, and stun. In every game, no exceptions. Trust me. In lane some folks like to run into the brush, if your lanemate does follow him. I sit at tower until minions spawn if the lanemate doesn’t go in. Your job now in the early game is to enable your lanemate to control the lane and kill the other team. Last hit creeps when you can, pretend to be an autoattacking noob at times, run in circles, go in and out of the brush.

Stay defensive for the most part, keep out of blitz arm range, and try not to push your lane. Wait for one of their players to get out of position. Fiddles moving in for a crow attack (whatever it’s called), yi trying to last hit, you know what I mean. Pop a full duration stun on them, run right up to them (ignoring their lane mate), hit them twice and then retreat back to safety. Your lanemate will hopefully not be comatose and proceed to follow you in for a couple good shots. With some luck you’ll get a crit and their health will drop. Your goal isn’t really to get kills, although that is nice. Your goal is to force them out of the lane or from creeping. Don’t over extend, just let them know that if and when they come forward, they will be brutally punished for their insolence.

At level 2 take an evaluation of how your lane is going. Are you dominant and setting the lane speed? Are you cowed into submission like weeping small children? Is it half-and-half? If you or your lanemate are taking heavy punishment early, pick up heal. If you are holding the lane dominant, pick up shatter. Shatter will help you keep a good steamroll going, while heal will keep you in lane. For potion use, use them early into level 1 and 2. Keep yourself near full. Let them know that killing you will be an effort and you will not give it to them (then don’t give it to them). Now, the secret that you and they don’t know is that a taric can die a few times and it doesn’t actually matter. Obviously though, feeding is bad. Like teenage suicide. Level 3 you pick up whichever skill you didn’t. From there on out you’re going to alternate heal and shatter, depending on which is needed more, sometimes buffing one up a few ranks above the other if you’re seriously relying on it. Get ult the moment it becomes available, as usual.

Now once you’ve got your ult, or you’ve forced them to de-lane, push the ever living heck outta your lane. Slam that tower. If you’re attacking the tower, pop your ult and leave it up for 5 ticks or so. Count them. Do not lose track of your ticks or you’ll be oom faster than….well…a bad Taric. Force them to send support to your lane. Force them to acknowledge that if they do not shut you down, you will stomp all over their faces and push all of their lanes out. I’ve taken out a secondary tower early game because the other team didn’t bother to send any support and we’d dominated the lane that bad.

Mid Game:

Here’s where things get interesting! (Please note I have quoted every other guide on the site, just now) Seriously for mid game you’re gonna keep lanepushing until your tower is dead or they force you out. Normally it should take an act of god to force you out of a lane though. Use your discretion. Once your tower is down, move to another lane and start trying to push it. Seriously. Force the other team on the defensive. If your team wants to do gank squads, fine. Roll around with em keeping em healed and the enemy stunned. After the enemy dies, push that lane! A quick note: You are the oracle and ward player. If they have invis, you will get oracle. You will buy wards, you will use them. You will keep mapsight high. You will watch for dragon to be up and ping for your team to come help you kill it. Every time. No exceptions.

By the time the end of the midgame is rolling around, if you’ve done your warding/pushing job properly, the game is now nearly over with most of the enemies towers dead and your towers mostly standing. They are defensive, cowed, and frightened little children. They will attack you and use all of their CDs on you, while your team destroys them. You die, four of them die. Good trade.

Late Game:

Stun, heal, aoe, chase, push. That’s it. Not much more to say, a good Taric shortens games because he makes the enemies towers die and keeps his team up while he does it. Also a good Taric in late game gets auto attack kills and starts spamming allchat that he's the carry.


Mana gem > Catalyst first. Always.
Boots > Merc Treads, unless on Twisted Treeline. If you’re q’ing for that map, you want to pick up the dodge mastery and then see if they go 3 physical champs. If they do, pick up the Ninja Tabi.

All other items: Entirely variable! After you have those two, figure out what you’re going to get next based on how the game is going. Items that have good potential: Mejais, Starks, Aegis, Guardian Angel, Banshees, Frozen Heart. Leave your catalyst as a catalyst until you’re way up in levels. That hp/mana gift is huge and continues to be huge through the game. You may be tempted to go Rod of Ages, and it is a good item on Taric, no doubt. But with how fast Taric can end a game, you probably won’t be able to build it and an aura item. Most often I get starks, because the aura is great, lifesteal is huge on Taric as is attack speed. If a teammate is getting it, I go aegis. I only get guardian super late game, or if I’m dying a lot. Mejais is the game is very high action, and you feel having a lot more horsepower behind your heals is going to help curve off the burst potential. My catalyst usually never gets upgraded, but when it does it’s almost always to banshees. You know, because Taric needed to be more annoying. Make sure to talk to your team about items so you don’t end up doubling up on stuff.

Spirit visage also demands special notice, it is a fantastic item on taric, especially if you're getting hammered by the other team, but seem to not quite be dying. It's tempting to pick it up right after you finish boots, but you really want a beefier item next, like a starks or aegis.

Sample Item build would be like so. This is by the numbers, but really is not something you should adhere to with any regularity.
Mana Gem > Catalyst
Merc Treads
Zhonya’s? I don’t think I’ve ever had a game last long enough to fill out my item queue on Taric.

Items to Avoid:

Chalice. Seriously, catalyst/clarity will give you all the mana you could possibly want, so this then functions as MR, which you can get from an item that performs a more useful duty.
Tear/archangel. You don’t need more mana, and you can get bigger AP for the buck items.
Boots of Speed/mobility/zerker greaves: You’re not there to be super mobile around the battlefield and none of those help you soak damage.
Warmogs: Hp and regen are great stats, don’t get me wrong, but you’re going to have trouble maxing it out and it devalues you as a target. You need to be considered a priority for damage and disables, and extremely high HP will not help you with that.
Attack damage items of any variety: Taric with slightly less anemic damage still kinda blows at dishing it out.

Tips & Tricks:

Need to heal someone? Pop ult for about 4 ticks and give them a dose of imbue. This will heal about 600 hp in a very short period of time. Someone who’s near death can be in much better fighting shape very quickly after.

Look around at your team’s mana and be liberal with clarity. It cools down pretty quick.

In teamfights you want to stun people with channely stuff. I love stunning nunus obviously, but an anivia who pops her ult and gets stunned is unable to do the icicle combo, and will piss them off something fierce. People who are pissed off are attacking you and not your carries. Be liberal with your ult, use it all the time so that people are doing more damage and healing up the damage. Be sure to shut it off after 5-6 ticks though.

Remember to melee stuff. It’s tempting to sit back in a teamfight and heal/stun folks. Your melee doesn’t really hurt, but you’re gonna have a bit of lifesteal, it’s recovering mana, and it’s cooling down your heal. Besides, every little bit of damage helps, right? Besides you end up with an insane number of autoattack kills. (Which is to say, if any happen ever. You're poking a building with a toothpick and hoping it falls).

This is my first guide, so let me know if I should fix the formatting or it's tough to read or UR NOT FUNNY[sic] etc. Also if you respond please do so by writing fanfiction about me (just make stuff up about my personality).

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If your team is tank heavy, Nashor's tooth is a nice item to get first as well as asking your tanks to pick up spirit visage..makes imbue really strong.

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I can imagine Visage makes imbue really strong on taric himself?

MR which he lacks (In comparison to armour ) CD reduction and 30% extra healing, it increases his turret tanking potential more tbh. 170% imbue <3333

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I've never picked a visage up on him. I'll have to try it out. My weirdest item build so far was a warden's mail/malady at the same time. Don't ask.

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Sorry Taric's voice acting freakin rules and you know it

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Not a bad Taric guide. We build him similarly, but not the same.

Getting Banshee's is an interesting idea. I always run chalice for the mega mana regen and magic resist; seems like a no-brainer. Banshee's would add some more general survivability (+HP is always good), but I scarcely feel like I NEED a banshee's, you know what I mean? Taric rarely dies as is and can live through several man ganks easily, doesn't matter if he gets stunned most of the time. It's definitely a good item, but also very expensive.

Regardless of what items you run with, I would recommend getting a ruby crystal to start with. At early levels I have plenty of time to hit creeps to regen my mana, and coupled with clarity I rarely run out of mana early game. I don't even pick up any mana pots or run mana regen runes. Having 180 more HP at level 1 is a huuuuuuge advantage, however. By the time I have to port back, I can usually pick up a full Chalice and lvl 1 boots, then never worry about mana again, but you could do the same with a Catalyst + boots.

I don't get Stark's on Taric most of the time. Reason being is there are a lot of other characters who benefit more from Stark's non-aura stats. I would rather a Sivir or Tristana carry starks than Taric. Also, it's kind of pricey without adding much survivability.

I consider spirit visage to be vital for Taric. It's cheap and gives him so much more survivability, especially considering that it is 100% impossible for Taric to cast a healing spell and not heal himself. Plus a lot of the items I get with him coincidentally have health regen, and while I don't think health regen's a particularly worthwhile stat, every bit helps.

I also like Warden's mail on Taric, once again it's cheap and gives a decent chunk of armor, some health regen (woooo yeah who cares), but its on-being-hit ability is pretty cool. This alone will make you live a lot longer and help you escape team fights/ganks where you're being focused. Taric's not fast, and at best case this can slow down a carry long enough to let you escape. At worst case he'll be faster than you, but his aspd will be reduced by a lot, shaving off a few painful hits.

Zhonya's is a pretty rubbish item for him, I think. Just costs far too much for what you're getting. I'd definitely replace it with Nashor's/Guinsoo. Giving Taric some more offensive power (especially aspd) is a good idea since he can rip up towers pretty hard. Even without a single damage enhancing item, I can solo push towers easily with just my ult up. More aspd means more hits means more mana back (yes, he gets mana from hitting towers too), means more ult means a harder push. Also Nashor's and Gunisoo aren't too pricey.

I'm not a big fan of Guardian Angle on him. One benefit of it is that your item auras stay up while you're reviving, which is cool, but people always just stand next to that dude with GA and obliterate him the second he's up. Once again, Taric's already hard to kill so I might use Guardian once per game.

Instead of Guardian, I'd suggest Thorn Mail or something. Great item that can seriously **** up a phys carry for a modest price.

Anyway, my item build usually ends up being.

Merc's/Ninja (It's merc's 9/10 of the time)
Spirit Visage (game rarely gets past this point)
Warden's Mail
Nashor's/Guinsoo/Thornmail (game has never gotten to this point)

All good, cheap items that can be built quickly.

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I find that I end up with so much mana overall that a chalice would be totally redundant, because of the catalyst. Catalyst & clarity provide you with the mana you need + extra health, for a little more than a chalice, and also expands you into a banshees or RoA if you need it later. Chalice would be good if I didn't go clarity, but I find being able to provide aoe mana to the team is just another tool in the support box. It's proven itself invaluable.

See I agree about starks, but the fact is a lot of carries don't pick it up. If no one picks it up, your team is hurting, and its stats really are fantastic for Taric. Naturally it adds to the tower destruction. Aegis is non-negotiable for obvious reasons.

Yeah visage and mail are both items I want to play around with more, and your point about visage is dead on.

Notice the question mark after zhonyas. As you say yourself, game has never gotten to that point. My thoughts were "lots of AP for beefy heals lategame + the escape mechanism if you get seriously focused". It feels superfluous to comment on itemization that's way too deep into the game.

I'm not a fan of Guardians either, but some games you're the pincushion and it's a handy deterrent/fight sustainer. As I said, I only pick it up if I'm getting slaughtered and need to do something to turn the tide.

Thanks for the comments!

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Good guide that actually goes into more strategic perspectives.

As of late, I've been pondering about the viability of AP taric. The cookie cutter is ofcourse to play him like a combined tank/aura wh0re with some CDR thrown in. But after having fought a taric with 270 AP and spirit visage healing himself for well over 900 HP and over 100 hp/sec for the team(including himself), who almost singlehandedly turned a 3v4 in their favor, I am not so sure anymore.

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Sorry Taric's voice acting freakin rules and you know it


Taric only has like the most chill voice in the game......you're killing things, its getting hot and heavy, and you hear this stone cold pimp: "Sapphire.... for divinity". YEA!

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Very close to my build too.

I use Ignite instead of clarity, just to get kills to feed me a little.

- Chalice is a no-brainer for me. After an intensive usage of my aura, I need my mana to come back quickly if I want to use my spells asap.

- Visage is awesome. Just the perfect synergy. And btw, think about it in a 3-men team on TT, why not with another healer (Alistar maybe).

- Soul Shroud is a very good item on him as well. Auras, and CD red in order to stun more frequently.

- Nashor to reach 40% CD red (6s CD on the stun) and to synegise with atck speed and AP spells.

And I usually end my build there as I don't have much more money to spend. for the shoes, same as you, Merc 90% of the time.

If I had another item to buy, I'd either go for a Thorn mail, or a Force of Nature. Or if I need power, a Lich bane.

An important tip for a fresh Taric user may be to advice him to never underestimate the speed of a tower push supplied by our ultimate. The towers are just melting like ice in the desert when it's active.