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Corki Advice

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Just bought Corki and I'm wondering if any of you Corki players out there could provide some info on him. Builds, masteries, runes, etc. Most of the guides are some what outdated. Thanks for your help!

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Two Builds, that are stolen from Phreak and MrGrimm, who are both great Corki player:

Sapphire Crystal -> Catalyst
Merc Treads
Last Whisper
Infinity Edge (or the other way around dunno)

Doran's Shield
Merc Treads
Black Cleaver (for Gatling Gun synergy)/LW/IE/whatever

In both cases: Get Banshee's Veil at some point, if you deem it necessary. If theyre caster light don't and replace Merc Treads with whatever you like

Runes/Masteries: Dunno really, but you prolly should get some Armor Pen and Mana Regen

General Hints:
-Mid is needed
-Get to 6, then move around a lot
-Golem and Lizard both help a lot
-Usually max Q, then E, Valkyrie is for movement only
-Be careful in fights, if you're targeted valk out and rocket them from behind

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I've had some success using something similar to what Fleshgolem posted.

Doran's Ring
Boots (Depends on team makeup but generally merc treads)
Last Whisper
Phage->Frozen Mallet
Infinity Edge

Usually game ends by now unless its going on really long. I use this build if theres more physical and less casters.

For caster heavy teams I do something like

Doran's Ring
Wit's End
Catalyst->Banshee's Veil
Black Cleaver

Runes I use basically the same thing for most Physical DPS
Marks: Armor Pen
Seals: Dodge (working on building this right now)
Glyphs: Mana Regen
Quints: HP

As for masteries you as long as you go 9 deep in offense for the magic pen one the rest is up to you. I generally use defensive masteries for extra hp and survivability

For Summoner Spells:
Flash, pretty much need this as people are gonna want to kill you first and with valkyrie and flash you can always prevent this as well as screwing them up in team battles.

For second spell I generally use Teleport or Exhaust depends on what you prefer

Other tips:
Get mid as much as possible, you need your rockets to be truly effective.

Golem is an absolute necessity, your abilities cost a lot of mana (except rockets) and the last thing you want is to be out of mana in a fight, the CD reduction helps as well.

You can use Valkyrie to jump over most walls so test out walls in a practice game. You always want to know where your quick escape routes are in order to avoid ganks.

I think this should give you a good starting point, try this out, mess around and you can tweak item builds to suit your playstyle.

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Default Items

Sapphire Crystal -> Catalyst
Sword of the Occult
Mercury Treads or Ninja Tabi (to counter magic/cc vs physical)
BF Sword -> Infinity Edge
Negatron Cloak -> Banshee

Variable Items

Last Whisper (if you need the armor penetration)
Executioner's Calling (to counter healers)
Phantom Dancer (gravy on top of your pwng)
Madred (more gravy on your pwng)

Summoner Abilities

Ghost or Flash (I take Ghost, but take whichever you prefer)


21 - 9 - 0 (http://www.fieldsofjustice.com/mastery/#/aZuwwyaylyyley)


Marks - Armor Penetration
Seals - Dodge
Glyphs - Magic Resist
Quints - Armor Penetration


Always solo mid.
In team fights, stick and move. Don't stand your ground.
Use Valkyrie for escape only.
Allow missiles to build up, so you can use several in a row (instead of one at a time).