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heimerdinger is a champion

I'm level 17 with 8 solo queue games (4 wins) and a lot of practice games with the current heimer
my elo is stupid high and sometimes my matchups are stupid so my experience is lacking
I also lag a lot

this is all summoner's rift

vital stats

yordle: Yes
favorite lane partner: Taric

how to play

laning - start with whatever builds up into endgame items, Doran's Ring is also fine if getting Chalice

slap enemies with a wrench, throw some grenades, be conservative with turrets
be more conservative when grenade is on cooldown
slap tower with a grenade if enemies are hugging, should do some double digit damage to tower

keep around 200 mana at all times for grenade+turret combo

do not call mid unless you direct grenade everytime

go back first time for boots and upgrade to starting item or other important item (probably 700-1000 gold)
you will be getting a lot of minion kills later so you might consider letting your partner last hit most minions if possible

after first return, you probably can go gank/push (level 5+) unless your lane is in trouble

gank - if your allies have a targeted stun, let them hit first then follow up with an easy grenade stun
you can also bait Flash with grenade then have ally stun if your gang also has strong slow or another stun

plant turret to cut off aid or retreat while also maximizing hits

always be walking towards their escape route since your attack and skills are long range

jungle - grenade can take down almost anything early game except the 2 golem camp
if grenade doesn't 1 shot wraiths, kill 1 small wraith with normal attack then use rockets to finish other 3

grenade+rocket can take down a camp fast on the way to your destination but watch your mana
if you continue to roam, make sure to have at least 500 mana in a gank (turret, 1 or 2 rockets, 1 or 2 grenades, upgrade)

heimer can't jungle at level 1 and level 2 is also no good

buffs - Golem (blue) is good when your max mana is around 1000 or less, if you have 1500+ you probably shouldn't take; if lineup allows for you to get Golem, then you don't need CDR from masteries/runes

Lizard (red) works with your long range but you should probably help an ally get it instead

Baron does not get debuffed by turrets but nonetheless use them and keep them out of splash range; generally guarding turrets should cover side closest to enemy's mid lane

push - unless your turret cooldown is low, use only grenade and rockets to clear minions and leave turret for the tower; if you are expecting to run, plant a turret earlier so you can escape better with Upgrade later

you are vulnerable when all skills are on cooldown, I like to hold onto grenade despite its low cooldown

if tower is definitely gonna die, plant turret to the side for protection

turret can tank for you if you backdoor but you will need to have the right items and/or summoner spells to backdoor at all

- 1 turret and a minion wave will be enough to cover 2-3 enemy waves so long as there aren't super creeps

if defending away from tower, turret can be used to bait a following enemy push
use grenades wisely as you are a sitting duck without it

team fight - stun greatest threat to team (cc or damage); if enemy physical dps is high, definitely prioritize the biggest group of them

plant turret to best cut off enemy for a later Upgrade
if you're not setting up turrets beforehand, try to go in with all skills ready to use

if enemy team sees you as an important target, setup 1-2 turrets prefight and use yourself as bait against initiators

near the end of the fight, leave rockets on cooldown if they won't kill and use to activate Rylai's (mostly for runners who used Flash already)

items+skill builds

you should be adapting your builds depending on what your team needs
these are more recommendations than concrete builds
you can also use items to cover up what summoner spells won't; items can be picked in game, summoner spells can't

starters - you will want these to build into something unless you get a million kills
masteries/runes also affect your pick e.g. with mana regen, you can forgo Doran's/Meki

Doran's, Ruby/Sapphire, Meki, Amp Tome, Boots, HP potion

Doran's Ring lets you harass better, good with a melee partner that needs farm
Doran's Shield lets you harass better, the +armor makes minions hurt less so HP regen feels stronger
Ruby builds into Heart of Gold, Catalyst, Aegis, Leviathan
Sapphire builds into Catalyst, Tear
Meki builds into Codex, Chalice
Tome builds into Mejai's, Haunting Guise, Codex, Kage's
Boots are not too good unless you are going to mid for early gank or shuffle between jungle and lane

auras -
aura items are good but be wary that you have to stay within range
they might make enemies prioritize you, which either benefits or hurts your team

the most interesting one is Aegis, for its health and armor, which greatly benefit both you and turrets
if you are one of the main pushers, you should tell your team you will get Aegis

boots -
very important because of various factors
300 base movespeed is poor so Move 2 boots aren't always good, even if you rush Rylai's
early game, getting boots before opponents lets you catch up or navigate past minions and rocket
Ninja Tabi: nice bit of armor and cheapest by a fair amount but shouldn't be 1st choice
Mercury: most expensive, but almost mandatory against stun heavy lineup
Sorceror: good for magic pen but you lose out on other boots
Swiftness: helps catching up to higher base movespeed champs but champs that take Zeal etc. will still outrun you; however, use in conjunction with Rylai's/Upgrade can better escape/chase
Mobility: best for pushing and backdoor if not taking Teleport, strong early game gank ability but becomes normal Move 2 boots in team fights

mana -
Heimer demands a lot of mana and sometimes you shouldn't always get Golem. Clarity provides too little so it comes down to items.

If spamming relentlessly at 40% CDR, you can waste about 2000 from pre- to post-team fight. Pushing from outermost tower to enemies inhibitor tower (3 towers) can be also be about 2000 if alone.

3 in the mana/5 mastery with Chalice and Archangel's will be enough for anything but lacks survivability and aren't really the best early-mid game options.

Mana management is very important, but insufficient for aggressive play.

Pure Magic DPS
- Heimer doesn't really do great spike damage (maybe 1/3 to a glass cannon DPS) but 6 second cooldowns and AOE helps; another caveat of AP stacking is increasing turret physical damage so Heimer puts pressure on both fronts

Rushed Rod of Ages is great but basic boots may not be enough early game. Keep in mind the upgrade only adds 10 AP without time bonuses. For the same price, you could get Archangel's or Rylai's or Mejai's and Aegis. Rod of Ages is a great item for Heimer but look at how the game is going before purchase.

Pick 1 from Haunting Guise and Sorc Boots. With magic pen runes, you will take pretty much anyone that isn't Soraka with Null Mantle down to 0 early to mid game and grenades will chew through towers. If you stacked AP runes, you can opt to get both for strong solo pushing and follow up with Aegis, which should give level 3 turrets around 30-40 damage on towers.

Get Mejai's when you are expecting to start ganking. If you aren't going for tower at all, definitely get Tome->Mejai's first. If enemies aren't getting dps items, go ahead and keep building AP, but otherwise get Aegis.

Guise, upgraded boots, Mejai's, Aegis are about 6000. Without a lot of stacks, your AP is not too threatening. If you drop Aegis and get Archangel's for about 1000 more, you will have about 100 AP before stacks and runes. Getting Rylai's for HP puts you at 180 AP for about 9000. Your combined kills and assists should be at least 10 and minion kills around mid-100s if you want this much gold by 30-40 minutes. Not having Aegis makes you vulnerable to enemies with high pen so be careful initiating ganks.

If getting Deathfire, get 2 Tomes first. The buildup is fast so don't expect much extra gold from Kage's first (maybe a few hundred). By level 11, you will have 40% CDR with Deathfire and Guise only, which has synergy with an early Rylai's. If you are able to get max Mejai's and already got 2 Tomes, you can still turn them into Rylai's or Void.

Replace Guise with Void Staff if enemy gets ~80 or more resist or if you have extra gold. This costs about 1500 and gives a nice AP boost as well.

This build requires high pen and high CDR. Grenade's good ratio for an AOE spell and nice cooldowns make this damage a constant threat. Turrets are almost guaranteed to get at least 4 shots in (>2 seconds out) and should have several dozen damage added from AP.


Techmaturgical Repair Bots - innate heal aura, 6/12/16/22 health per 5 (I think the progression is level 1/6/11/16) for champions, towers, and turrets

helps aggressive laning or against tough enemy lanes
nice for heroes with skills that cost HP

H-28G Evolution Turret
- places turret that fires 1.25 times per second, fires 1.875 times per second for first 6 seconds out; level 3 reduces armor/resist by 1 on hit, level 5 has small area of effect

cost: 120/125/130/135/140
cooldown: 24/22/20/18/16 (9.6 at level 5 and 40% CDR)
ratio: +0.25 attack damage
armor: 30+Heimer level (25%+ reduction)
resist: 60+Heimer level (35%+ reduction)
affected by: Aegis, Rally
not affected by: Starks (not sure about armor reduction)

important levels: 3 for armor/resist reduction, 5 for area, 2 and 4 for 1 more turret
uses: plant in brush for some vision or to the side when attacking tower, jungling

take level 3 early for more push/harass, learn how to be effective with 2 turrets and you can ignore level 4 and 5 really
take level 5 once enemies start pushing

at skill level 3, along with grenade you can easily solo dragon (30 seconds or less)
in jungle, sometimes doesn't switch targets after current target is killed so when going for buff use missile+grenade to clear tiny lizards

at enemy towers, place around your minions and as far from enemy minion path as possible to avoid switching targets
at your towers, place to side of tower
at enemy inhibitor tower, place between tower and inhibitor so it switches to inhibitor after tower is down

the skill range is long enough to place over smaller walls like into the brush at mid

Hextech Micro-Rockets - fires very long range missiles at closest 3 visible targets (minions or champions)

cost: 65/85/105/125/145
cooldown: 10 (6 at 40% CDR)
ratio: +0.55 magic damage

uses: harass, kill

be careful of positioning so you hit desired targets
can still be nasty in lane but often requires that you go behind their minion line
it's affected by fog and invisibility but as long as you cast before you lose sight it will hit

very nice for securing the kill on Flashers or stopping Recall so long as minions aren't around, but be careful if using Clairvoyance to not reveal minions that are closer

if enemy champion has Banshee's, try to hit them with this before team fights

mana cost rises fast, consider leaving it underleveled if your max mana is poor and if magic dps is not important

CH-1 Concussion Grenade - launches a slow grenade at target area for area damage and blind, stunning enemies hit directly by it for 1.5 seconds

cost: 80/90/100/110/120
cooldown: 14/13/12/11/10 (6 at level 5 and 40% CDR)
ratio: +0.7 magic damage
blind duration: 1/1.5/2/2.5/3 seconds

uses: scout, anti-physical, push

I would say this is the Rocket Fist of Heimerdinger; if you suck at it, you are not going to get very far with him
direct hit is kinda vague, visually it's something like the white ring when it explodes or about half the radius of the targeting circle

you get vision wherever it passes through so make use of it, especially for brush

toss grenade through walls to surprise enemy at the other side

use fog, brush, and blind spots to lure enemies into a stun
if you are being targeted in a fight, try to kite until grenade is up and stun

hurts towers and does a lot of area damage, will push lanes for free
if using against towers, wait to hit minions as well if needed

Upgrade - heals turrets and makes them apply 20%/25%/30% slow for 10 seconds, gives 10%/15%/20% CDR

cost: 90
cooldown: 120/105/90

uses: slow, bait

has a casting time of about 1 second and only affects existing turrets

be mindful when you place turrets as the slow doesn't last very long (1 second?) so a fresh turret will keep slow constant but not an old one

if you left a turret somewhere for whatever reason and an enemy with low physical dps is trying to slap it down, upgrade 1 hit before it dies and the enemy will eat slow

you can try to use yourself as bait and kite around to take down a champion but not many people will go for it and some champs can still kill you

at level 10, turret has about 500 hp; you can use this to tank towers with a timed Upgrade

if you don't get Rylai's, do not spam this

with Flash, you can use this to snare a fleeing enemy along with a quick turret

summoner spells

look at your lineup and see what your team needs
heimer works with most spells
I like clairvoyance/ghost

Clarity - if your team is mana heavy, take; for heimer, I'd rather be more conservative with mana than have to use Clarity
Clairvoyance - best for securing kills with grenades over walls or missiles into brush etc.
Cleanse - with Ghost/Flash, good for keeping Mejai's stacks
Exhaust - helps land grenade and keeps physical damage off you; take if team needs a slow
Flash - rather have Ghost but if you are really good with grenades then it can be great; should take Mobility/Swiftness boots and turn yourself into a siege engine
Fortify - not recommended unless team needs it
Ghost - necessary for chasing champs and good since you won't get any more move speed than from boots/allies
Heal - nice to have but won't help you survive ganks once tower hugging is no longer useful
Ignite - good for first blood attempt if you pair up with another stunner
Rally - affects your turrets but leaves you only 1 other spell
Revive - backdoor with Mobility boots
Smite - waste if only using for self
Teleport - for pushing/escape, don't use it very much


I only have tier 1's but:

- magic pen (with AP build)
blue - cdr (I use cdr/18 to reach 5% with my 6 slots but T3 flat cdr can do it easily), mana/5 (with chalice)
yellow - dodge (with dodge mastery), HP
quint - you decide


try to get mastery for summoner spells unless it's in another branch and/or too far in or it's Smite

9/0/21 - get cdr and magic pen in offensive, get mana regen and cdr in utility
21/0/9 - for AP build, good idea to take Rally and mastery, get mana regen in utility

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I just don't see the effectiveness of Heimer. He's pretty weak compared to the other Champions both attack and survivability wise.

His damage output just isn't up to par anymore, and his turrets can get destroyed in 2-4 hits.

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Cowardly Lion




His damage output just isn't up to par anymore, and his turrets can get destroyed in 2-4 hits.

I think that's the point of Heimer - you have to focus on killing his turrets instead of pushing the tower, the creep, or targetting the enemy.

I'm not saying that he's a fantastic hero, but when he's played well, he will hold his own. If he can get in range of a tower early with a wave of his creeps and pops down a turret, the tower will be half dead. Then he has the range to keep hitting the tower with blind to keep killing it while being out of range of the tower. I don't know of another hero that can do that early game.

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Cowardly Lion:
I think that's the point of Heimer - you have to focus on killing his turrets instead of pushing the tower, the creep, or targetting the enemy.

I'm not saying that he's a fantastic hero, but when he's played well, he will hold his own. If he can get in range of a tower early with a wave of his creeps and pops down a turret, the tower will be half dead. Then he has the range to keep hitting the tower with blind to keep killing it while being out of range of the tower. I don't know of another hero that can do that early game.

You got a point here, but I find this is all that he is good for. Pushing.

If you see the other team has a decent Heimer, once he gets a bunch of turrets down, you just need to call for help from your team in order to gank Heimer, or take down his turrets. I just feel that he isn't viable to a team, especially late game. His turrets are weak HP wise, and can be taken down by 1-2 nukes.

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If you're hitting the turrets, you aren't hitting him or his allies. And he can always make a new one.
Just because the turrets aren't invincible doesn't mean they are useless.

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I'm of similiar summoner level to the OP and of similiar heimer statistics, except my rune book is trash. I've had by FAR the most success building heimer as magic pen/AP with a bit of supplemental health and mp5 with clarity fixing my mana hungry issues. Spell pens makes heim's under 'par' damage FLIPPIN HURT. Turrets are included in this. I play exceedingly spammy and he's a pushing monster if built properly. A nade to your feet is almost always a guaranteed escape if you kept your hp meter mostly full. Heimer's not weak imho, totally playable.

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dislike the guide. some of the precepts are silly.

The second fastest way to take the mid tower is to use your missles/grenades/turrets to push a big creep wave onto the turret, then plant a turret at his tower (which will attack the tower.) Plant it directly behind your ranged creeps so the tower doesn't target it first (targets closest minions.)

The very fastest way is to play cautiously and force the oponent back to heal/mana/buy. Then push up. If you plan the creepwave well and get another wave before your last minion dies (ie, use missles/grenades on the creeps while melee'ing the tower.)

You should be able to take the tower or at least take it to 20-30% health in the first push to the tower!!

Don't grenade towers. Save the cooldown for gank attemps on you.

Don't write heimer guides until you are level 30. With ability points, playstyles change.