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Countering Mordekaiser

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I've played as Morde and I've played against him.

For the life of me, I cannot figure a way to counter this guy regardless of which pathhe takes. His base AP ratios are high enough to permit him to build full-tank and still smash squishies for a fair chunk of their health with no real danger to himself, the silly targeting on his siphon makes it very difficult to dodge unless you have <50 ping and if you have the misfortune to encounter a player which builds him as a tanky AP caster a la Galio.. Well, you're completely ****ed.

I just can't quite figure out what to do. Dealing with him away from any potential sources of shield is the ideal option, but how often can you stop a Mordekaiser from getting his hands into the fray one way or another?

Sure, you can blast CC at him to stop him from using abilities and accumulating shield, but then that leaves the squishies crowded behind him free to pummel you to the floor in the meantime. Building MR is a paltry defense against his spells if the player has half a brain to use mpen runes.

So what do you do?

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MoonLight LM42

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Well, I also play tanky ap mord. When im going against him i usually play xin zhao, with that I try to make him use all his skills first before I go into a fight with him, and since you play with mord you should know the cooldowns for him. Right before his skills come back exhaust him, and that will make his Q useless for a bit. So all you can do is hope you kill him fast enough or your teamate kills him

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Morde is alway's going to want to boost up his shield. Knowing this, wait for your minion wave to be almost killed off before you rush in to burst him. Yes you will be hitting a shield, but that shiled will also be deteriating. If you can deal enough damage to him you can actually chip off some of his health, without him having any minions nearby to replenish. If it come's to a slug fest Morde does not have as much health as most tanks would early mid game.

The issue's with this are, if morde has a regrowth pendant, he can just slow play and be practically indestructable. If morde's rocking regrowth. He's either going for warmog's or force of nature.

Think of it this way.
In a 5 man compilation facing a morde, there is going to be at least some other magic damage you will be facing, so megatron cloak is never a bad idea. Though I personnaly prefer the recipes created from null-magic mantle.
MR never hurt's your game.

Anyway, if morde is going for health, or regen, then he is neglecting his AP til later. By getting MR before he get's AP, you can negate alot of the damage he will be dealing to you. Let's assume your going to keep your distance from him. You now don't have to worry about Mace of Spades. You now don't have to worry about his metal armor, that's 2 AP attack's you are straight up avoiding. The only AP damage he will be dealing you will be from Siphon, and Children of the grave. Like I said, Null magic mantle will soften these blow's, and just allocate and item slot to carrying around 4 hp pots (something you should alway's do anyway. f morde ult's you, Pop a potion and run back til it wear's off.
A starved morde is a weak morde.
Denying him champ kill's force's him to rely on minion kills to support his build. Morde is not a cheap champion to play.

So why get null magic and not megatron cloak?
It is cheaper, and you can finish off Wit's end for less than 2K.
1050 for recurve, 550 for wit's end.
By giving yourself AS, WITH additional magic damage, you now have the potential to burst physical and magic damage when his shield is down. Which if morde want's to counter the damage he recieve's, he will have to build tanky and neglect his damage output, or he will build AP anyway and neglect his sustain.
Yes he can get rhylai's scepter (most morde do anyway) but HP is a damage soak, not a negate.

Especially if the compilation leaves morde as their main tank, then do what you can to starve him. Morde is an off-tank, not a true tank.

When I play Shen I am the AP-ninja not a traditional "tank". Which mean's I will do what I can to soak some damage yes, but my job is more to protect my team and initiate opportunitie's for my mate's to take advantage of. So I want armor's, hp, some AP to enhance my abilitie's. This is how I off-tank Shen.
With morde, he is offensive opposed to defensive.
Where people see him as an indestructable force that will drain away all your hp and never lose his shield, this is just because nobody know's how to lane against him and he got fed early.

I just had a game last night where i was shen with teemo, against vayne and morde.
It was 18 minute's into the game with only 6 kill's on the scoreboard. 3-3.
Because we got to lategame, or Kog got up to madred's and tristana got to Frozen mallet.
With our mixture of AP and AD, and my taunt creating 2 second's of him not being able to use an ability Morde just melted.