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[Guide] Hybrid/DPS Evelyn Build

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Hello Leaguers,

This guide will go over the build and use of a hybrid/DPS Evelyn. I will point out the aspects on how Evelyn should be utilized during combat. I will not be going over use of skills, or what skills should be maxed first, every game is different and change on the circumstances. I will point out mainly the item build of a hybrid/DPS Evelyn and how each item benefits her. If you have any feedback on anything, feel free to leave a comment. Well on with the guide.

Beginning items (May vary on opponents):
1. Meki Pendent or Doran's Ring
2. Health Potion

Main reason for these items is so you can harass or either get easy kills and still stay in the lane for not having to return to base for some mana. I mainly get Doran's Ring if I notice they have range that might be in my lane.

Core items:
1. Mejai's Soulstealer
2. Sheen (Sheen --> Lich Bane)
3. Mobility Boots or Mercury Treads

Alright, so I always start off with getting mobility boots first then Mejai's and then Sheen. Reason for Mobility boots is the need for chasing people. If you can't catch someone who is running away then you have missed out on some cash. The extra boost will really help in those situations. Mercury is only if you have oppenents who will be stunning a lot. Mejai's is obvious to have if your Evelyn because more AP is good for the kills you will be getting. And Sheen because you are attacking most of the time your are using your skills. Remember, after getting core, work on your Lich bane.

Late game items:
1. Infinity Edge
2. Phantom Dancer
3. Malady or Rylai's Scepter

By this time, I hope you would have around 10-15 stacks on your Mejai's. If not, it still is no problem. Well, there are two aspects of Evelyn which make her such a versatile hero. So the AP side of Evelyn makes you output some major burst damage to your target. Then if you add the late game items, you should be doing a good amount of attack damage also. With this, you can have a much higher chance of staying in team battles instead of just running in and out of it. Especially with the critical damage you should be doing, you will be a force to be reckon with. Add in the HP items, and you will be nothing but godly, but by that time... the game will already be over.

Playing the game:

Your early game is really hit or miss, if you have an easy lane with a good partner... most times it will go smooth. But sometimes, you will have a hard time just staying in the game. Try and play defensive and don't be to reckless when against range or higher HP hero's. If you have a great harasser on your lane... be sure to let them know your going in so they can help you.

Always keep moving around, don't sit. Evelyn is an assassin keep an eye on other lanes and check opponents HP to see if they are low. If they are, get down there for a possible kill. And if you don't, oh well... you missed out on some experience, but you will make that up with kills.

Stealth, stealth, stealth... always have your stealth up when going into bushes or enemy territory. If your stealth is on CD... wait for it and then head out. If the enemy see's you then your chance for a surprise kill might be wasted.

Team battles is where Evelyn really shines with this build. Most of the time you will be the last one to enter battle since your squishy... you will die if you usually enter first. In some situations where the enemy is alone, then that will be fine but don't count on it... check your surroundings for a possible gank. But in team battles... always find the most squishiest enemy and kill them first, that takes out DPS from 1 person which will help significantly. Now, since you have used your burst skills... you can still do a significant amount of attack damage still so get in there and help your teammates take of everyone else... then stealth when the CD is done. Rinse and repeat and you can call it GAME OVER.