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Teemo or twitch?

teemo 15 60%
twitch 10 40%
Voters 25 .

teemo or twitch?

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Teemo easily.
onhit build with 700+ damage mushrooms, and teemo is much more feared than twitch.
Even ad or ap, teemo is strong in so many build types, and if you run 21/9/0 masteries and cover penetration, you can change on the fly what build you need to go at even 15 minutes in. And late game in team fights, twitch becomes a lot less effective, while teemo doesnt have that issue.

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Poison Stacking Poison
Stealth no move + Attack spd Stealth move(mana is no longer a problem mid game) +Huge attack spd

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I just had 3 killer games with twitch i find him so fun! I'm only level 18 so we'll see how he does as i play higher level players, but i find he's a lot of fun the way i play. Sneaking up from behind can be so fun, i love catching people when they are trying to town portal and killin em before they know whats happening. if you get into team fights in teh jungle his ultimate is awesome because he hits everyone. that said i had a couple games where i started slow and had no chance to catch up. went 0-10-0! but that one i was forced to go mid..

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Get Physical



Twitch is one the hardest scaling AD carries. He has the longest Lasting AS steroid out of all the AD carries I'm pretty sure. He also has an AD steroid. He really isn't a bad carry even against premade teams just do not be reliant on stealth. Also you don't have to be fed. Hell I think in my match history you can see a 19/2 twitch game. With just exicutioners calling. When I bought more items they surrenderd. All you have to do is farm, just like any other carry.

Now teemo is fun but honestly I only see him as a mushroom ward mule, thats it. Althought he is fun to play.