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My Shen build [Tank]

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This have worked for me in 15/19 games for victory as shen the tank ninja


Summoner spells:
Exhaust and Ignite

My comming runepage is hp/5 @ lvl 18 runes. shen as HP tank is dangerous and can easy reach above 5.7k hp with the right build and runes and get over 187hp/5 so think about it. an immortal shen is what we all are after right

at the beginning of the fight i always start of with Boots of speed and 2-3 health pots to stay alive. i also start of with Vorpal blade as first skill to save more grinding time and to do some serious harassing at my oponents. and for skills as i lvl i go for either feint or shadow dash depending on what i face. if the enemy are aggressive i try to max out Feint early to avoid taking loads of dmg and to also avoid recalling and turrethugging. one good thing is also to max vorpal blade early to get a good push with shen and your lanefriend.

Item build:
1: boots of speed / upgrade to ninja's Tabi
2: Belt of giant's / upgrade to sunfire cape
3: Belt of giant's / upgrade to warmonger's armor
4: Cloak of agility / upgrade to atma's impaler
5: Phage /upgrade to frozen mallet
6: regrowth pendant / upgrade to force of nature

Those items and that item build in that order have worked out just perfect for me.
and the way i play shen is just great for me, might not be for you but this is how:

1: starting with Vorpal blade gives me a good starting chance for perhaps first blood and to stay inlane for a long time with my friend. its also good for harassing the opponent so they stay away from you giving you more time to farm minions and to push early game.

2: second lvl i usualy go for Feint to avoid taking massive dmg since its blocking a fair amount of dmg with a short CD its awesome for almost everything. IF the opponent aint aggressive i pick shadow dash to help my lanefriend gank some.

3: at lvl 3 i pick vorpal again for the harrassing.

4: another step on either feint or shadow dash

5: vorpal blade again.

6: ultimate Stand United. its after lvl 6 i randomly place my skills, but i usualy max vorpal blade as i said before, and by this time you should have enough gold for either sunfire cape or atleast a belt of giant's.

The way to play shen
Well, this can be diffrent from player to player. and i just want to say that, dont be afraid to take dmg with shen, hes not very fragile mid/lategame. early game you might want to take things slow and think before you act. myself i play with a kinda hardcore aggressive playstyle even for a tank. but i also keep an eye open on the minimap and my friends to make sure i can place my ultimate stand united on one of them to hopefully save either me or there life. A good combo for shen in laning is soraka without doubt. soraka or singed, is how we always play.

hehe this is my first guide so i cant figure out much more to tell you then, have a great time playing shen. and remember to taunt of your enemys with shadow dash when they are in troubble.

I Wish you the best of luck while playing shen

And Thanks Riot for bringing Shen into the game

Btw: im swedish so dont blame my stupid misstakes for spelling :P

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decent build

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by bringing up strictly an HP build you are really just able to take alot of damage IF they hit you.
Yes you can utilize taunt for them to hit you, but if your not returning any damage what's the point?
Also by making yourself such a huge beefcake and damage soak, you are now putting more of the enemy's focus on your teamates.
Shen's ability to kite, dodge, lure, and save, far outweigh's the ability to just sit there and get hit.

Remember, this unit is a flippin ninja!

picking up greed in utility.
Teleport and Heal.

Being able to teleport not only save's lane's, but allows you to get in close to support a teamfight and save your ulti for when you need it.
Picking up greed grant's you some additional gold, buy starting out with a gem of health youc an lane until you have 500 gold or so to recall buying a heart of gold and a few pot's.
By maximizing your taunt you can now hold them for longer while you 2v1 a hero down making use of ki strike and your shield.

This HP build offer's shen no utility.

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by bringing up strictly an HP build you are really just able to take alot of damage IF they hit you.
Yes you can utilize taunt for them to hit you, but if your not returning any damage what's the point?

Someone can't read....
Mallet and Atmas are both damage items
Sunfire also hurts.

As for no utility? He's got Frozen Mallet. That's incredibly good utility to be able to constantly slow someone like that after your taunt. It will keep them in range longer for you to get another chance to use dash again.

not saying that I agree with this build, but it certainly has damage to it. More outright damage than my typical Shen build, but I play more of a Tank/Support looking for some AP to help with boosting my shield's effectiveness. And I also aim to split push frequently.

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Ragebeard Manric

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You'll get shredded by Madred's, or any innate Champion abilities that do health damage such as Koggy's W, Vayne's Silver Bolts, or Jarvan's passive.

Also, with Shen's damage output already being pitifully low, even amongst his fellow tanks, I don't understand why you're building items like Frozen Mallet which really doesn't work with Shen at all (the slow is really not worth it on Shen), when you could be building something like a BVeil or Randuin's, which give less health, but with resistances will give you more overall survivability while also offering useful passives/actives.

With his recent changes Warmog's becomes a more attractive option for Shen... but it doesn't mean you should be stacking health that high. Hovering around 4k is what you will get with a Warmog's + many more useful tank items such as Randuins, Sunfire, and BVeil, and FoN which will keep you alive A LOT longer than another 1500 HP.

Also, Exhaust and Ignite are both decent SS's for Shen, but I'd be hesitant to take both. Ghost or Flash is probably a lot better both for juking and luring (something Shen is great at) as well as netting more kills from fleeing enemies when combined with his Shadow Dash.

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Id rather seen that Fmallet on a nearby ranged carry. If you want to get a second taunt in, get a frozen heart. The CDR as well as armor will help you spam shadow.
However, this will require blue buff to support energy regen, unless you dedicate to energy heroes and have runes for..
But even late game when vorpal is on(3?) second CD, your not going to notice any effect to increasing your CDR. Rather than trying to get a second taunt in, make your first count and rely on your ability to "guess" where they will be going and run in that direction.
If you have ki strike loaded you can taunt, hit, W, run, and be ready to shadow dash again. Everytime you get hit it reduces your wait time on Ki strike.

If you are going to make effective use of Ki, then I can see the point to adding HP. But with more benefit's from armo item's such as randuins, sunfire, etc I see more utility than straight hp.