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elo hell diary with pics

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But for real bro. I played 1 game on my friends account (900 Elo) and went 31/2 with Brand. I got 3 kills mid in the first 6 minutes, looked at the scoreboard, and realized that after my 40 cs, the next highest in the entire game was 14. So I just started roaming top and bottom (which were never warded) and getting 2 kills at a time because the other team was just standing there auto attacking. I'm not trying to be a ****, but if you can't get out of "Elo Hell", it's because you deserve to be there.

IMO, in ranked, 2 out of 10 games are losses no matter what you do due to a terrible team (not at 900 Elo, but when you are close to your correct Elo). Another 2 out of the 10 games are going to be won even if you troll and feed the entire game. The other 6 games, you have an impact in, and can be a deciding factor whether you win or lose. This explains why you may have losing streaks or winning streaks, but over time, you will singlehandedly sway your Elo based on your quality of play.