Need rune advice

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I usually play Ashe/tristana, ryze/zilean (ap build), I.E. pure dps heroes.

I hear armor penetration is the best to glyph for physical, but for magical, should I glyph straight AP or magic pen? Also, how effective is magic pen vs. AP in item builds? In other words, I am usually torn between going straight for the magic pen boots (forget the name) or more AP stacking items early on. Thanks all.

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Interesting... magic pen glyphs are pretty good, even though they're not primary. I usually just go flat CD reduction, though.

As for items, I love going magic pen. Haunting Guise + Sorc Boots gives amazing dps on Annie, my favorite magic DPS. It does depend on the champion, though, and their AP scaling, and their non-damage skills. I think it's more efficient than AP, particularly early. I generally don't get Void Staff until someone on their team has more than 100 MR. I should do the math, and calculate when to get what...