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Advices about Poppy

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I hope this is good thread . I need advices about items for Poppy. I hope any master of poppy will make list of items Thanks ;p

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Im not really a "master" of poppy but I can reccomend a couple of builds that gave ME results. No gurantees since its usually your playstyle.
Rejuv Bead+2-3 Pots of your choice (I usually 3 health pots since Im not a skill eater, but if you like to use her skills, a mana pot or two would be nice)
Sheen(You may start off a mana crystal if you like to get this faster and get pot(s)
Boots->Ninja Tabi or Mercury Treads depending on the other team
Valor<-from the beads from the start of the game or just get it right away if you have enough
Heres your choice depending on what you want or the situation, w/e reason
Bloodthirster-> Good dmg and lifesteal when you get all the stacks, whats not to like?
or a Black Cleaver-> has a bit more dmg and armor redu passive
Now you should finish up the valor to stark's fevor for it will stack armor redu with the BC if thats what you chose and its aura has its pros
It should end closely to stark's fevor but if it isnt. Get another bloodthirster for dmg+lifesteal