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Teemo Tips, Tricks, and Build Guide

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I've been playing an awful lot of Teemo lately, and I've read many guides, just to get a look at what others have been doing and what they think works. When I started Teemo I quickly realized he is one of the easier Champions to learn to play, but if you really think about how you play him he becomes a powerhouse. I decided to share a little Teemo wisdom I've learned from other guides and to share some experiences and tactics I've developed on my own.


Teemo should definitely put most of his mastery points into offense. A good build consists of 22 to 24 points in offense, depending on if you want extra minion damage (good for last shotting minions early on, but becomes a lot less useful later in the game when you one/two shot them without it anyways). Here is what I'm currently working with as a Teemo fan.

Offense (22)
Deadliness - 3/3
Cripple - 1/1
Archmage's Savvy - 3/3
Alacrity - 4/4
Burning Embers - 1/1
Sunder - 3/3
Brute Force - 3/3
Lethality - 3/3
Havoc - 1/1

Defense (0)

Utility (8)
Good Hands - 1/3
Perseverence - 3/3
Awareness - 4/4

I would STRONGLY recommend doing a minimum of what I've done with in offense. I can see putting 29, but I personally believe magic penetration and minion damage is over-rated for this particular build. I went with health/mana regen, reduced death penalty, and XP gain for my extras. Again, that extra 8 points is a personal preference.


I have a lot of internal conflict with runes. I really like the tangibility of seeing a critical hit pop up with massive amounts of damage, but I've seen other guides mathematically prove that armor piercing is theoretically better for a DPS build. So, your options here are listed with my preference indicated by an (*).

Mark - Armor Piercing* OR Critical Damage
Seals - Critical Chance OR Attack Speed
Glyphs - Attack Speed*

I have no preference on Seals, though using Crit Chance right now cause I'm coming off a crit page.

Skill Development

Level One - I have two preferences depending on if I'm stuck with someone. If I'm solo mid I start with poison dart. This is fantastic for harassing and will be a major game changer early on if you use it correctly (more on tactics later.) However, If I lane with someone I get blind dart. If you lane with someone chances are you're in a 2v2 situation. Blind dart gives you the ability of shutting down one of the other teams auto-attack damage, which is your main source of damage at level 1. Thus, you've essentially made it a 2v1 scenario, and get your first kill.

Level Two - Get the opposite of what you didn't get on level 1. This completes your combat utility.

Level Three - One point goes into Move Quick until you've maxed the other two skills out. Having this skill opens up some very useful tactics if you have the skill/timing to pull them off.

After That - Your priorities after Level Three go

Noxious Trap > Poison Dart > Blind Dart > Move Quick.

If you can upgrade a skill listed before another skill on that list, do it.

Summoner Abilities

This is non-negotiable: Ignite / Exhaust.


I'm still experimenting with this, but I've had a recent breakthrough in what works for me, so I'm going to list it.

1. Starks Fervor (start with Vampiric Scepter, get Greaves, then finish this)

2. Berserker's Greaves
3. Last Whisper
4. Infinity Edge (game usually ends here or before this)
5. Black Cleaver
6. Bloodthirster (or whatever game calls for)


The Early Hide - I do this on mid lane, and I've noticed a lot of Teemos don't (or they don't get the chance with me cause I get there so much quicker than they do.) Buy your Vampiric Scepter quickly as possible and head out to the mid lane. Try to stick slightly on your side at the very middle of the lane, and towards the side (to avoid random shots, like Ashe or Ez tend to do). Wait for minions to start fighting, and hopefully the other person will be close enough for you to shoot right away (or a short run then shot and run away). At level 1, even one shot is quite a bit of damage, and you should have Poison Dart, which will widdle away their health even more.

Be Aggressive - This applies no matter what lane you're on, but especially for solo mids and right after The Early Hide. Take EVERY opportunity to hit your opponent. Initiate with a Blind Dart and quickly follow up with a regular hit. If you're lucky (or your opponent is slow) you'll do quite a bit of damage with little to no damage done to you. If you're going against another Teemo, this one-two punch tends to happen to each other a lot. A lot of other Teemos will back up after blind, DON'T DO IT. Stick to your guns and try to get ONE shot of after you blind each other, for some reason a shot a millisecond after a blind hits will STILL COUNT, giving you a slight advantage over that Teemo (since they're now poisoned after they didn't follow up with a regular hit of their own).

The Quick Runaway - Don't always run around with Move Quick on, especially in lanes where you're probably going to get into a fight. It has something like a 6 second cooldown on it that happens IF YOU GET HIT. So, if they start to win and its obvious you should run begin to move away. They'll pull out all the stop to try and kill you before you get away. After those first 2 seconds where they use all their abilities, and just after an auto-attack, pop that quick run and you're home free. This kind of thinking and game play has saved my ass from certain death, drawing comments from the people on both teams. However, the same holds true for the aggressive style.

The Quick Attack - Try to fight away from towers. When you've harassed an opponent to the point you feel comfterable going in for the kill, move in. They'll start to run, if you're far enough from their tower (or in the middle of the map someonewhere), and far away from random minions to be attacked, pop Move Quick. There's not a lot of champs that can outrun Teemo, and unless they turn to shoot you ONCE, you'll probably kill them (or at least force them to be submissive opponents for quite a while).

The Tower Dive - This is similar to Quick Runaway. If someone is almost dead and they're hugging the tower, wait till your minions start soaking up the random damage from Tower/Minions. Move in and hit your opponent with all you've got, hopefully getting a quick kill. Wait for the Tower to hit you (for anyone who doesn't know, Towers change targets to shoot things attacking friendly champions in the Tower's range.), and pop Move Quick. Most of the time this will get you out of range before another shot and avoid unnecessary damage/death.

The Epic Blind - Teemo's most fearsome tactic. Mastering this will make the ENTIRE other team fear you, hate you, and probably curse Teemo. I've easily killed 3 champs and walked away with full health doing this. If both Exhaust and Blind is up, you are practically unstoppable. Those two skills allow you to chain shut-down one person for an entire fight, or shut down two people at the same time (super useful in a 2v1 or 3v1). Picking your target in uneven fights is CRUCIAL. Blind the main melee DPS Champs hitting you, and try to kill whichever you cast Blind Dart on (it expires first). If you have ignite up, cast that on the Blind Darted person too. At the very least, you've just ensured you're taking one person with you. If you're still alive and kicking, turn to the person that's exhausted and start killing them. If the battle continues for a good amount of time, remember to RE-BLIND the highest melee-dps person hitting you. This is also a life saver if a team-mate is getting chased/about to die, and a game-changer in team battles, allowing you to make it a 5v3 moment.

The Obvious Mushroom - If someone is right on top of you and the fight looks iffily in their favor, put a mushroom right on them. If they don't back up (giving you time to run or even the HP), they'll pop the shroom. This slows them (allowing for a get-away, or a chase-down), nukes them (quickly evening health), and DoTs them. This tends to not work on ranged champs for the apparent reasons, but if for some reason they're right next to you, I've made it work on them before too.

Bait Shroom - Just as it sounds, wait for your health to get low, and then act like you're terrified. Run for your life (heading past a shroom of course), and then turn the tables on them once things are evened (even though you could probably straight out kill them with half health with earlier tactics.)

Scout Shroom - Shroom placement is crucial for your team as a whole. Put them in as many bushes as possible, and if your mid these will save your life by putting them in the lining pushes at the very mid. I put mine at the very tippy top and bottom of those bushes, and then one on each path leading to the friendly AND aggressive tower (makes two lines of 4 shrooms on the mini-map). Also, placing shrooms in the bush by the Baron and in the cove with Baron later in the game tends to freak out teams gathering to take him on (at the least informing you that they're doing so.)


That's the end of my Teemo specific advice. Other than that, try to work as a team and NEVER run unless you absolutely have to. It takes a long time to learn which situations are right for running, I still makes mistakes on that sometimes, but if you stand at fight your ground (especially as Teemo) you can usually take their main DPS (and one more if you're good) out before you die. If you're with your team, this greatly builds your teams confidence and leads to a victory. Needless to say my K/D ratio isn't as good as it could be, but I usually end games with 20+/5-10.

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Junior Member


Hey, I noticed you haven't really gotten many comments, so I decided to say something.
I've read this guide about 3 times now, and my Teemo playing ability has increased ten-fold. Good job on the guide and I wish you good luck on the fields of justice summoner!


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Magic Murder



Good guide. Thank you!

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not bad, i have a different playing style myself but this is does the trick too

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This guide is from 2010...stop necroing.