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"K/D doesn't matter"

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I did read what you were writing. I didn't agree with it. You seem to play off k/d like it means nothing...It's not the objective, but Baron/Dragon/CS/Items aren't either...why do they matter, yet kills/deaths don't?

What I was quoting you on was your very first line, saying I answered my own question, because I said it wasn't the objective of the game. So since it's not the objective, it means nothing, that was the point you were trying to prove, or at least that's how it came across. And by this logic, I applied it to some other important aspects of the game. I wasn't being serious btw, I think those things matter a great deal, but they're not the objective.

I'd rather have an 5-5, than an 0-5 because at least then I know my teammate will be somewhat useful (assuming same assists). By dying, you not only set yourself back, but you make your opponent that much stronger, which can be the difference in team fights. By getting kills, you do the same thing to your opponent. I'd rather have the enemy akali 5-5, than 5-0, wouldn't you? She's lost a good amount of time to farm while she's been dead, and she's also fed your teammate(s) 5 kills. As opposed to a 5-0 akali who's been feeding off your top lane, free to farm as much cs as possible.

This debate has gone on far too long...I have not changed my standpoint on this, don't think I ever will... I mean sure it doesn't mean much for some heroes (ie. shen, janna, etc..) but for the majority of heroes I'd like to have everyone on my team positive k/d, as opposed to negative k/d, wouldn't you? If the answer's yes, then there ya go. It means something

Sigh. I refuse to repeat myself and I refuse to repeat what everyone else on this thread is already saying. See long-winded explanation above since you can't understand a simple point that there's a lot more going on than just your positive K/D record. While you're at it, see the other thousands of threads since DotA came into existence about how this type of game is NOT based on Kills or individual scores.

I played DotA competitively and while they are two separate games they both have the same core concept involved. I can tell you one thing that we NEVER, EVER, and I repeat, NEVER, even considered trying you out for our league team if you had the slightest mindset that K/D mattered because it never did. In fact, while on that note, I would go as far to say that if you compared the two games K/D mattered more in DotA than it matters in LoL. So are you still trying to argue with years of theorycrafting, or do you just refuse to see anyone else's point on this issue? Seriously, man. You are like trying to argue that the sky is red right now when it's clearly blue.

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Only thing that matters is whether or not the nexus is down. I was involved in a game where my team was stomping the other team. We all had positive k/d/a and yet we still lost late game in the end because the other team was knocking towers.