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[Guide] Ryze: a Personal Take on the Rogue Mage.

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This is Just my Personal take on playing Ryze, C&C is appreciated as this is my First (posted) guide.

Build Progression: Sapph, 2 Health pots, Basic boots, Catalyst, Sorc Boots, Glacial Shroud, Tear of the goddess, Banshees Veil, Archmage staff, Haunting guise, Zhonyas ring, Frozen Heart.

Endgame: Banshees Veil, Sorc boots, Frozen Heart, Archmage Staff, Haunting Guise, and Zhonyas Ring.

End Specs : 40 magic pen + 15%, max CDR, around 330ap (580ap with ult) at the end. 170 armor, roughly 2.6k-hp 3k-mp,

Runes: Magic Pen, Health per level, Ap per level, and AP per level quints/magic pen.

Masteries: 9/0/21
Offensive: Deadliness 3/3 Imp. Exhaust 1/1 Sorcery 4/4 Archaic Knowledge 1/1
Defensive: N/A
Utility: Perseverance 3/3 Haste 1/1 Expanded Mind 4/4 Awareness 1/4 Meditation 3/3 Utility Master 2/2 Quickness 3/3 Intelligence 3/3 Presence of the Master 1/1

Summoner Spells: I use Exhaust/Ghost Exhaust/Flash is also Viable just Switch Masteries accordingly

Explanation : ideally what i try to do is take the first stun/damage with Banshees so they push me to kill me fast, i pop Zhonyas so im invuln so i take the brunt of their burst damage and stuns without taking any damage the SECOND that comes off i use my ultimate with Spell Flux this means they're all crowded around me, with no moves available, so i can unleash roughly 2000-2500 damage on each local target then use Ghost to run away and come back around for another pass or stay and fight based on the situation. it's tricky to pull off but you'll find once things are rolling you'll get targeted fast and turn the tables with this.

Bare in mind that Ryze is generally targeted fast and normally fairly squishy so try to be 3rd or so into the clash where Chaos is at it's peak that's where he's most effective. Using Ghost to get in and out quick is Very helpful if you're worried about getting taken out. while this build Does give Ryze some helpful survivability do keep in mind you never engage unless you're 1v1 going for a quick kill. this is all in all just my personal take on a Ryze given his current state.

General Reasoning for Choices:
(1) Deadliness over Archmages Savvy: personally I feel the Extra 2% crit chance outdoes the pathetic 10.8AP you get from 2 points in Savvy. having a sightly higher chance to double your damage can be the difference between a kill and an enemy escape.

(2) Ignite vs no Ignite: as a personal call i feel Ryze doesn't need the extra damage Ignite gives out while it Is helpful Exhaust keeps someone next to you for Flux *And* lowers their magic Res Even more. Ghost/Flash are more helpful for Engaging/Escaping extra damage is nice but Ryze is a powerhouse without it.

(3) No Mana Gen Runes: Between the item build, masteries, and taking golem when you can you'll have Very stable mana gen through the entire game, it's personal preference but i have Very little issues with mana early mid or late game.

Side Notes:
(1) Ryze's Ult has a Very low Cooldown 27sec with 40% CDR so use it Constantly for farming! take advantage people!

(2) Casting Order for me is kind of a personal Preference. in clash i do Flux, Desperate power, Overload, Flux, Rune. if someone's running it's Rune prison, Desperate, Flux, Overload.

(3) Have fun! Ryze might be a simple character but playing him effectively can be hard! keep your head in the game don't let a few deaths get you down and don't ***** out and AFK if you're getting killed, even if you're losing you can still learn and practice.