[Guide] Combating Rage

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One of the defining qualities of a winning team is good morale. This is going to be a quick guide on avoiding and averting morale damaging rage.

I realize that there is a guide out there already that deals with emotions as a whole and I'll pitch it for the author:

This guide however is a more specific guide for how to deal with negative attitudes on your team.

Part 1: Be a Role Model
The very core of this is that you cannot be a hypocrite. If you are raging at your team in chat, you just lost your moral high ground to get others to stop raging. Rage is a cycle that is harmful to your team. When one person rages at someone, they will get defensive and rage back. The blame game occurs and it kills your team's Morale. You cannot contribute this.

Play well. If you're a bad player with a bad score (K/D/A/CS), people aren't likely to listen to you either. At lower levels, they may not realize how important CS is either. You can try to argue that going 0/2/0 but having 50 more CS than your laning opponent is a win, they may not care...but you should know that 50 CS is more gold than 2 deaths. Mid to higher levels of Elo, you can point that out and they'll understand.

These are two core things to establish if you want to shut down ragers and get them to cooperate.
*Play well
*Play nice

Part 2: When the Rage Flies
Now rage is flying. Your Solo top is blaming your jungler for not ganking enough. Calling him noob. And the jungler is responding in kind. This is very obviously bad.

Immediately cut in with "No need for that." "Chill guys, we got this." "We'll make up for it later".

The important part is to not let the rage continue. Butt in ASAP. Be neutral.
Don't blame anyone. So top fed 5 deaths, that sucks, but it's in the past. If your Jungler is calling him on it, just respond with "We can totally make it for it."

If you have factual information that works in your favor, then bring that up too. Examples:
"Kennen counters Shen in solo top. Besides, our bot lane is up. We still got this."
"Don't worry about it. Our AD will carry late game."
"We just owned their bot lane in trade."

So the important things are:
*Interrupt the namecalling and raging ASAP
*Use facts to convince them the game is not lost

Part 3: When you're the Target
Being a 3rd party to the rage fest is different than being someone targeted by the rage. If you're doing poorly and deserving of your teammate's criticism, then you best take it and not respond back. Maybe a "yeah, that was dumb of me" or "I thought I could steal dragon."

Explain your actions. They might be more understanding.

Solicit advice...but not in the form of a question. Don't ask "What should I have done?"
Questions like that tend to irritate your teammates further. It's more likely to get "Don't be a dumbass" as a response than anything constructive.

Rather, state what you plan on doing next time. Example "I guess I should have waited for the rest of the team and ganked them after they finished dragon."

I've found that such a response is less likely to elicit further rage because it demonstrates that you know what you did wrong and you know what to do in the future. It sort of takes the words away from the rager and gets them to stop raging.

The important thing here is:
*Don't rage back
*Admit your failings
*Let them know that you learned your lesson for next time