Ahri Build Question

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Lil Miss Lori

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I just have a few questions on how to best build Ahri. She's come across a lot of nerfs, so the guides I've been reading are pretty out of date and I'm not quite sure how viable they are.

Boots: Sorc, Lucidity, or Mobility? Sorc will be extremely beneficial to her burst, but if she's an assassin with ganking skills, maybe the Mobility boots would be better? Then there's the CDR boots which seem great for her too...

WotA: Do people still use this on Ahri? It's on every build I see with her, and I love the item, but I've heard that its nerfs make it not worth it anymore. I'd be interested to hear what others think.

How's Lich Bane? I understand everyone says Rylai's is the best staff for her, and that's what I've been essentially rushing every game I've played. However, since the recent Dash nerf, I'm curious how viable Lich Bane would be. Her abilities are all mostly within Auto Attack range and with a full minute between dashes, maybe attacking would be a lot of burst damage. (Kind of like Riven).

My current cookie-cutter build for her is this:
Boots + Pots -> Dorans x2 -> Rylai's -> DeathCap -> WotA -> Morello's
But I'm kind of bored of it and would love to hear other people's builds as well =]