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You know what this game needs?

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I want a satyr/dryad pretty badly.

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Anyone remember the horse boss from Link on NES (zelda 2)? Oddly enough I've been thinking of that guy and would love to see a champion who looks like him.


that guy.

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nearly all bronys have a "pony troll" folder, i know i do.


Must make folder.

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Ponies Gonna Pwn:
So this thread has inspired me to finally go finish my fifth pony champion design. Not as good as the others in my opinion, but it's a rough draft.

Rarity, the Fabulous Unicorn

I mean we could always implement Celestia, only Celestia, Twilight, and RainbowDash have the potential to be in LoL, since they can be powerful, twi, because of her untamed magic, dashie because of her motion and speed, and Celestia because.... well **** she's a god.

A few ideas of Celestia actually. (Sun Princess)

P) :Ablaze(I don't know, **** I'm not good at giving names): Every time she cast's a spell, enemy units in a radius are inflicted with Burn, the radiance of the Princess shines. Doesn't deal TOO much damage, equal to that of GankPlank's regular attacks.

Q): Sunbeam: A single target stun and small nuke that stuns for 2 seconds and blinds the target afterward for 2 seconds. Good for initiating and hitting a bit longer.

W): Divine Shine(still crappy): Gives a temporary shield that also gives movement speed, if renewed while the shield is still on, it will stack giving more shield and more movement speed (stacks up to 4)

E): Heavenly Inferno: Does an area damage effect, a Circle looks like her cutie mark, the Sun, if used correctly, her passive and her Q can do combined with this one can be great for damage intake

And last but not least, something I wanted to get off my chest

R) The Elements of Harmony (A.k.A the Orbital Friendship Beam) Work's just like Lux's ult except it has a much shorter range and stuns for 2 seconds (When Nightmare Moon was defeated, she was covered in a rainbow tornado, ensnaring her, thats the stun part).

So whatcha think?

As Ruler of Equestria, Princess Celestia would watch over her Little Ponies, with both Honesty and Kindness. But one day she was summoned to The League, and Luna sent word through the parallel universe's, she stated that she was looking over the kingdom and a threat of unknown land and emperors arrived, Equestria would be subjected to war with the invading countries. She realizes she cannot control the sun in this world, and her powers have been limited. Thus she turns to the League, in order to find out how to get back to her own world, and protect those she love. Even if it means fighting for it....

In addition, lets add Equestria to the League of Legends map!!! As an offshore island, protected by ancient Pony Magic, it keeps its peace.