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triforce alistar isnt bad at all tbh

I mean DPS shen isnt so bad, but then started talking about malady as his first item...and yea i kinda stopped reading ._.

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Ok well clearly you havnt played shen as a DPS before...
I have had him for 3 games and on my third game i decided to play him as a DPS.
i finished with 25/4/8 and your telling me he isnt a dps?
incase people want to know what items i got it's
1. Malady
2. Ninja tabi
3.Infinity edge
4.Phantom dancers
5.Last whisper
6.Frozen mallet (didnt end up getting it but was on my way)

Stopped reading after "I have played him for 3 games".

Just because something worked once, doesn't mean it's a good thing, in higher ELO, you will get your ass handed to you.

And espcially the fact that you have only played three games with him. That doesn't make you -the- authority on how to play Shen. You got lucky, you lack and experience and games to back up your claim that DPS Shen works.

If I play 3 games with Alistar, and my third game I build him as DPS and I win that game, does that mean that DPS Alistar is a good and viable build?


Also: Maladay, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, stop playing the game.

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Shen is a tank with a burst dps, i say that cuz even full tank itens will get you many kills, ulti+ki+Q the target will be 1/3 hp (if its not a tank) then just E and finish off. If you plan to make the most out of Ki you must have alot of hp.
I played so many times with shen....all i can say is that he tanking can be much more powerfull team wise than any kind of dps/ap build. 4k HP makes wonders on Ki, belive me.

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Update item build. Now I can say, it is my final build on DPS Shen. Works perfectly. You guys can add me to see what happened in real game. I now also work on Tank. For people who deny my guide: If you guys dont like it, just play as tank. I also love Tank build too

IGN: Mulaa