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Heimerdinger and his turrets

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Junior Member


Is there any way to control them and force those turrets to attack exact enemy?

(for examle Annie can use alt key+mouse to control her bear, Shaco can do the same thing with his illusion)

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No, however I believe the turrets should prefer to attack anyone that is attacking heimer, as the minions do. Now they pick the first target they see and attack until it dies or they are slammed (janna/etc) I believe.

It would be nice if they were "pets" since he is a "pet" class, but I don't think Riot will allow that. It could make backdoors a little nuts if they could ignore the creeps and dps the turret without question.

Me? I think it's fine the way it is, but the most balanced improvement I could see would be as I said above.

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There is a lot of confusion and *****ing from people on this topic, let me clarify: you can control who your turrets attack.

You do this by using either rockets or 'nade on the person you want to die, once you do this all turrets in range will start shootering them to death.

Not sure if this is new in this patch or if its from old heimer but no-one noticed.

Also i'm not sure how rockets hitting mutliple champs works with this targetting

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Mighty Sandwich



You can left-click and assign them a target that way, but the A.I will switch off that target because the A.I isn't very good.

I've had cases where I was being attacked and the turrets attacked my attacker, and cases where I was being attacked and my turrets attacked minions, cases where the turrets attacked nothing, and so on.

Turrets should have tower A.I, but they are fine most of the time.