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Guide: Attack Speed Kayle

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Hello! This is going to be my first attempt at a guide to an alternative version of Kayle that I came up with and have been using recently. I hope to get this on Leaguecraft but the sites is acting funny and wont let me start a guide.

This build came around do two a few things. First and foremost I hated the standard build for Kayle. Second, I was bored and had free time.

Kayle's usual Nashor's and Guinsoo's core build is annoying to me. Nashor's is flat out expensive, and Guinsoo's builds from two 800g+ items, making it so you can't slowly build it up, but instead have to chunk it. I found this to be very irritating. It sucks if your forced outa lane and can't even bring something new back to prevent it from happening again. This guide focuses on an over-all slightly cheaper build, and with "core" items that have a more paced out purchase path.

First and foremost, Masteries. http://leaguecraft.com/masteries/1003441130300100000000000000030140100000000
This guide goes 21 / 0 / 9, avoiding crit talents were possible in the Damage tree while not wasting them. I avoid them do to the fact that crit items go off towards the more expensive areas of the shop (good ones at least), as well as how any real crit build also needs you to have infinity edge, which wont be used.

*NOTE* The only real "floater" point that can be moved around is the imp ignite. I mainly use it for early game burst, but also because there are a fair amount of healing champions. If you don't want ignite, obviously you shouldn't take this talent.

Personally I don't use Health Quints. One, I don't own em, and two Kayle's lv1 HP is above 500 so I don't kill myself over it. The only thing you need to stress over is getting AT LEAST 2% CDR. How you get it is your choice, just make sure you get it.

What I personally use is a little mix an match based on what I actually own, but what I personally want is Attack Speed Marks, MP5/per Level Seals, 4 Flat CDR Glyphs, and then the last 5 are Attack Speed Glyphs and 3 attack speed Quints.

Skill Order-
Start with Righteous Fury for farming minions and level 1 harass. This should be your main harass tool, using Q only for when you are ready to commit. Whenever you are killing minions with Righteous Fury try to land a few auto attacks on or at the least around enemy champions. You don't have the mana to spam Q as an efficient harass.

At level two get reckoning, then heal at three. Reckoning will be maxed out first for it's burst and debuff when trying to kill someone. Heal will be maxed after that, with Righteous Fury getting its points last. Do NOT try to use heal as some super efficient lane staying utility. It's base is heal is ****, it's main utility is the speed to escape and chase. Don't expect it to save you until you get an additional rank or two in it.

(1) E (2) Q (3) Q (4) Q (5) Q (6) R

(7) Q (8) W (9) Q (10) W (11) R (12) W

(13) W (14) E (15) E (16) R (17) E (18) E

This set does not use Nashor's or Guinsoo's, though it still maxes its CDR

I start with an amplifying tomb and a Health potion. The bonus AP makes last hitting a wee bit easier, plus I don't care for dorans items. I'll build that into a Morello's Tomb wile also building to get the Ionia Boots. Those two items give you 35% CDR, then you get 3% from masteries, and 2% from runes.

After Morello's and the boots I'll build Malady, Wits End, and Sword of the Divine in that order. I get Malady first since it's slightly cheaper, and gives the little bit of Mpen via debuff. The last item slot is the Mystery Slot, which I fill with random items. Go for DPS, HP or w/e floats your boat.

So Recap - Lucidity Boots + Morello's, then Malady Wits and Sword of the Divine.

Basically you really on your ability to auto attack. Righteous Fury, Wits, and Malady keep DPS steady, with Sword of the Divine and Reckoning adding in the bursty segments.

Team Fights you should not enter first. You will be focus'd and CC'd to death. And considering this is a glass cannon build for all intents and purposes, that will happen quick. Pretty Standard.

1v1 scenarios?
If against a Melee-
Open with reckoning. Kite a small ammount before going into an open fight. This will give you a small edge, but if you over kite they will lose interest and run away. If its someone like Katarina, save your ultimate for when theres is about to go off. If they don't have a high dmg ult to counter, or its phased out more like morgana's, try to predict when you might get CC'd, or if they will set up a combo to do extra damage. You will have to know the enemy champ for that.

1v1 against ranged
Not much to say. Keep reckoning up, heal on CD, go to town. Use your ult to counter burst like above.

1v1 against Life Steal
Personally, I use my shield when I see them blow anything related to attack speed. That is what they will use to get their HP back up. Yi's Highlander for example is a good one to wait for. If they don't have such an ability, I'll use when one of us is low. If I'm low to change the tide, if they are low to keep it going that way. They can't steal life when they do no damage, and that is important to note.

That's all for now... I'm a little tired so I will check to make sure I didn't' miss anything tomarrow.

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The problem I see with this build is that it completely ignores Kayle's passive, with the exception of the small amount of AP on Malady and Morello's.

Guinsoo's is valuable because in addition to the attack speed buff, the AP boosts Reckoning, Heal, and her AD through the passive. The same with Nashor's Tooth. In addition, when using those items, you can then build well, any boots other than Ionian for valuable stats.

So while you'll be attacking about as fast as a hummingbird can flap it's wings, the rest of your abilities are left even more gimped than they already are. This build is also exceptionally susceptible to just a small amount of magic resistance, which will cut your damage output in half. On-hit effects don't benefit from things like critical strikes.

Why would I use a full out on-hit build on Kayle when I can play someone like Kog'Maw or Teemo and use it to greater effectiveness?

Furthermore, why max Q first? Kayle doesn't have the mana to sustain continuous harassment with it, and the slow debuff doesn't scale with level. E stays the same cost, but increases damage and lowers cooldown, while W is valuable to the entire team. My advice would be one point in Q, Max E, then W.

Not necessarily bashing your guide, just curious as to what your thoughts are. The standard Guinsoo and Nashor items are ...sort of... expensive (nothing compared to other carry items like IE, PD, BC, etc.)... but there's a valid reason why Kayle typically uses and abuses that build.

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Comparing a Berserkers+Nashor+Rageblade core, 9/0/21 and switch glyphs to CDR:

6040 gold
167 AD, 210 AP
1.867 swings/sec
247 damage/swing before resists
474 dps

Your build w/o SotD (to keep costs similar):

7225 gold
129 AD, 163 AP
1.817 swings/sec
275 damage/swing before resists (includes Havoc)
499 dps

So you're looking at 1200 gold for 25 dps, 20 mpen, and 50 MR. Tossing a recurve bow onto the standard to get the costs closer puts it at 540 dps. Nashor's is not an efficient item but Berserker's is and Guinsoo's is so ridiculously efficient on her (it's like 4k gold worth of stats for 2250), you really should get it in any build.

Tweaking your build for Rageblade and Malady after Morello's and using a single flat CDR quint instead of 4 flat glyphs nets 553 dps for 7460 gold. More efficient than your build, but still not as efficient as the standard. The only major gain in efficiency I've found over the standard core is if you can depend on having golem. 9/0/21 with golem and blue pot caps CDR and you can run Berserker+Guinsoo+Bloodrazor to get 671 dps for 7205 gold.

@Redenbacher: The reason your go Q over E is because the % damage boost matches the damage gain you get from leveling E at low amounts of AP. The burst that comes from hitting a Q+E also tends to make people run instead of exchanging shots so you get free damage in. I start Philo Stone and level R > Q > E > W with W at 3 and maybe at 5 if I'm getting harassed hard. Philo generally means you can Q harass 2 of every 3 RF cooldowns and saves a lot of mana spent on her rather weak heal.