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What am I doing wrong?

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Hello all,

I come to you in a moment of crisis. I have found a hero I love but he's been treating me bad. I have recently started playing Karthus. I keep thinking I am doing well, bouncing the person I am midding against back to town. Going for ganks with defile when one of the other towers is getting pushed. I generally go 4 and 1 in the early phase. I have gotten pretty good at using wall of pain to get away/protect allies. And have consistently been ending with a positive kill death ratio. I make it a point not to steal other peoples kills with Requiem so only use it to save fleeing allies or kill of enemies that "got away" so I don't think it is a matter of me just getting kills someone else would get. I don't really get many hits on towers I suppose but I am always in the top couple of minion killers.

The point is I have been on a losing streak, something like 3 wins and 8 losses the last 11 games. You can only blame so much on team mates and I feel like I am doing well but the numbers don't lie. Why am I winning the battles and losing the war?

I notice I almost never play against another Karthus, is he just not that good?

TL : DR version: I am getting lots of kills with Karthus and few deaths but still losing lots of games

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It is probably your team comp or team play. Karthus is actually not a bad hero, but he really needs a team to be with him almost all the time imo. He's incredibly good at defending with wall of pain, and Wall also helps a lot with pushing.

Still, most pugs don't run an initiator in the team, or any type of other tank. Everyone wants to play a dps / assassin, and that will be a recipe for failure. You can only do so much about your teams composition decisions, but if you see your team is heavy on spells and low on tanks, don't choose karthus.

At least I notice that when I go on losing streaks, its because I choose a hero first and the rest of the team just chooses their favorite hero, and we end up with a terrible comp.