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Critical Power Fist?

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If your game goes long enough and you want to go for an attack damage Blitz, go for it.

Get a trinity force first though.

130% (I think) bonus to base damage adds a bit more, plus you get to run around all crazy-like.

I personally prefer to get some CD reduction first though. Power fist every 3 seconds is just too fun. (ie Brutalizer, Glacial shard (or the pre-combine item))
hmm ... I've been playing with Trinity Force before and it went quite good, but lately I tried without it and I still did great (who knows, maybe even better?)

My build right now is:
Regrowth Pendant -> Philo Stone
Boots 3
Sword of the Occult
Frozen Mallet (not much of AD here, but the slow is badass :P)
Black Cleaver

I've got 10 or 11% cooldown reduction from runes, so with golem buff I'm almost at 40%