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Shen - He's a flippin ninja!

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Sorry about that bud, I've added a link to my masteries in the OP now.

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I just went 8/0/13 with this build. Very nice. I have to make a couple of suggestions though:

1. Put enough into Defense Mastery to get Nimbleness and make Yellow runes Dodge. The occasional dodge will either save you or help you chase.
2. I also think you should keep going in Defense and get all of the +HP mastery.
3. Get the Archaic Knowledge Mastery. (see #4)
4. Make red runes mpen. You'll be doing a lot more damage with your passive and VB, especially in the early game and against DPS characters that don't buy any MR.
5. I personally like MR in my blue slots. It really helps early against poisoner's and ability spammers like Mord.
6. I'm learning to like Ghost and Cleanse more as a spell combo on Shen. He's defensive by nature so being slippery makes him even more ninja-esque.