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[CHAMPION GUIDE] Ezreal, Hybrid Build

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So, a bit about me.
I'm probably not the most well known guy ever and no doubt that many people
here think that Ezreal is probably one of the worst champions ever. I disagree.
Ezreal is an absolute terror if used correctly. Do not expect Ezreal to be able
to solo enemy teams though, he is extremely frail and cannot take too much
damage before he goes down.

This guide is here to help you use him better, do not expect it to carry you
all the way to the top. That part is up to you. I suggest, before you do
anything apart from buying Ezreal, you go have a Practice Game against some
bots. When you can get about a 95% Hit Rate on the bots, then feel free to
start playing real games.

About Ezreal himself:
Ezreal is a Skill-Shot Champion. Basically, you have to aim where your skills
go. 3 of his 4 skills are Skill-Shots. This is good and bad. Good as in you can
scout bushes without walking into them but bad because you can avoid those
abilties. How does the scouting work? Your passive of course. You get a nice 5
second buff each time a Skill hits an enemy target (or ally as the case may

Ezreals abilities:
I won't go into too much detail into Ezreal's abilities as you can get this
information by looking at the Champion in the Store or just going onto the Game
But briefly, here are Ezreal's abilities:
Mystic Shot
Essence Flux
Arcane Shift
Trueshot Barrage.

Mystic Shot is the very basic skill. You will be using this a lot. It reduces
cooldowns by 1 second if it hits (For all skills but not summoner skills).
Essence Flux hits allies and enemies, healing allies, increasing attack speed
of allies, damaging enemies and decreasing their attack speed. You'll most
likely use Arcane Shift for chasing opponents and if that doesn't work, you
have a nice map-wide Ultimate which you can use to hit anything on the map, but
it does lose power for each enemy it hits.

The problem these days is that there are rarely good Ezreal players. I, myself,
do not consider myself to be a very good Ezreal player, just a decent one. This
build is what I use and have a moderately good degree of success, usually
obtaining a final total K/D/A of 10-15/3-6/6+. Remember, you can only perform
as well as your teammates do.

Most people play either an AP build or an AD Build. I have found that a mix of
both is actually quite effective. While the damage may not be as high, I find
that the versatility more than sufficiently makes up for it. I find that the
problem with an AD Build is that your damage is insufficient when you use your
skills and you may miss out on those critical kills. But if you use an AP
Build, I find that the auto-attack damage and your Q skill damage is also

Phreak has done a very good Ezreal Video, showing his build. I do like much of
it, but I prefer being able to have my other skills, not just the auto-attack
and Q doing high damage.

A common misconception is Ezreal only gets kills by Kill Stealing.
I do not believe that this is completely true. Ezreal is an assassin and as
such, he has to chase enemy targets down in any way possible. He isn't Kill
Stealing, he's just finishing what his team failed to do.

I mostly rune for Red Armour Pen, Yellow Mana Regen and Blue Cooldown Reduction.
I use a 9/0/21 spread. I aim to have as much Mana Regen as I can. Ezreal's move
speed is fairly low and having a slight increase with the Masteries does help.
I also try to get AP, Penetration or Cooldown with my last 9 Masteries.

Summoner Spells:
My first option is one of two things. Teleport or Clairvoyance. Teleport lets
you have freedom of the map, set up ganks and give support to areas under
attack. Clairvoyance is useful and it can be used to find someone to kill with
your R skill. I generally use Teleport, just as a note.
My second option is one of two options of either Ignite or Exhaust.
Why would you pick one of these? Ignite is very helpful early on. It lets you
get those kills that may prove to be the difference between victory and defeat
later in the game. It lets you deal DoT, which is something that Ezreal lacks
unfortunately. However, you can pick Exhaust. It lets you chase down kills
easier and you add to your survivability and if you want to always play it
safe, then Exhaust is definately the better option. If you're like me and
willing to risk a bit to get a kill, then go with Ignite. If you're wondering
where Clarity is, I would like to say right now, that it isn't needed. Flame me
all you want, but the first item you get is a Chalice of Harmony, which gives
you lots of mana regen and this can pretty much cover you for the entire match.
So I would generally avoid it.

Skill Order:
The basic idea for early on is to spam your Q Skill to last hit or harass. As
such, it is my belief that this should be maxed out first.
1 Q
2 W
3 Q
4 E
5 Q
6 R
7 Q
8 E
9 Q
10 E
11 R
12 E
13 E
14 W
15 W
16 R
17 W
18 W
I realise that many people may not agree with this and if you do not, then that
is your choice. However, this is what I generally go with. It can be altered so
you can have more of your W skill over your E or Q skill if you feel that the
situation requires it but again, this is up to you.

This is always a difficult part. However, to begin with, you should start off
by getting a Meki Pendant for the Mana regen. HP Pots are optional, but mostly
I tend to not get them. However, like the Skill Order, it is up to you.

Meki Pendant leads into a Chalice of Harmony, which (in my opinion) is one of
the best items that Ezreal can have. The Mana Regen passive is simply too good
to pass off, especially if you're going to be spamming skills a lot.

Nashor's Tooth is a good choice for me. It gives you AP and Attack Speed, both
of which are very helpful for this particular build. The cooldown reduction is
just another plus in my opinion.

The Brutalizer is an excellent choice for Ezreal. The Armour Penetration and
the damage are a very good pair. This also helps power up Ezreal's Q skill,
which greatly depends on his physical damage.

Deathfire Grasp is a good AP Item, which also grants cooldowns.
Berserker Greaves increase that Attack Speed even further. However, you may
choose to go Mercury's Treads over Berserker Greaves if you feel that CC is
annoying you too much. However, boots of mobility are a fairly decent option if
you don't want to worry too much about the Attack Speed but want to be able to
have higher movement. Don't use any other boots though as they generally don't
help as much.

Finally, the last item is pretty variable. I generally get Last Whisper for the
added Armour Penetration and Attack Speed. Malady is acceptable if you don't
want the extra Armour Penetration. Frozen Mallet is also a good option. Madreds
Blood Razor is a good option if your opponent has high HP heroes. Wits End is a
fairly good option if your opponent are mainly casters.
If you're done with this, then what I would do is sell Chalice of Harmony and
get TriForce over it.

At the end of an ideal game, my item build would look like:
Tri-Force (Chalice of Harmony if I win/lose before that)
Nashor's Tooth
The Brutalizer
Deathfire Grasp
Berserker Greaves
Last Whisper (Tri-Force may be substituted here).
Remember, you probably won't get time to get Last Whisper or Tri-Force. But you
still get about 150 Attack Damage and AP, which is still enough to deal enough

I will not tell you what to do exactly, but I will briefly cover a few points
for each area of the game.
Earlygame: Harass with Q and W, Last Hit with Q, if you can get a few kills
early on, you'll put yourself in a good position later in the game. However,
play it safe. Most importantly however, don't die. Also, its better if you
don't solo middle.
Midgame: The idea is the same, although this time you want to kill as much as
you can. If there is a feeder (on the off-chance), then kill him/her as much as
you can. Get that gold!

When it comes to endgame, you're going to have to run around a lot. Land as
many Q and W hits as you can on everyone. E to chase and if you cant catch
them, a last ditch attempt to get kills is by using R along their last path,
unless you're super sneaky and can figure it out or you have Twisted Fate
around and then you can try to shoot at them and hope it hits.

I hope this helps people who want to use Ezreal. I do not claim responsibility
for when you get Ezreal, try this out and fail. Also, please do not flame, spam, troll or hate this thread. I would much prefer constructive criticism. I consider anyone who hates this without good reason to be someone who has never played Ezreal in their life before and have preconceptions about Ezreal from reading those damed QQ Posts about Ezreal.

Thank you and good day.

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Maybe this is working for you but I prefer going AP with Lich Bane. It add tons of damage and apply the bonus to mystic shot to. AP is more like a burst damage / Support (Essence Flux is pure gold in team fight)

Where is the Guizoo Rageblade ? That's probably the best hybrid item you can get.

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My personal build currently is:

Some boots
Lich Bane
Bf Sword > Bloodthirster
Bf Sword (or Frozen Mallet)
Bf Sword

From there do w/e you want with the spare swords.

With this you are maximizing the Q skill just about as much as possible. When you add around 300 attack + 2xx ap into one strike, it hurts, and it can be spammed basically every 3 seconds with cooldown reduction runes/masteries.

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Maybe this is working for you but I prefer going AP with Lich Bane. It add tons of damage and apply the bonus to mystic shot to. AP is more like a burst damage / Support (Essence Flux is pure gold in team fight)

Where is the Guizoo Rageblade ? That's probably the best hybrid item you can get.

Since I am running about so often, I don't often get time to set Rageblade up to max level. Especially since I am chasing other champions and rarely hit minions at the same time. So, in my opinion, its largely uneeded. However it is certianly a good item for Ezreal if you like trying to kill enemy heroes in lanes where minions can be hit easily.