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twitch build iteams?

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Junior Member


ok thanks, so how do you play the twitch early game? Is it best to go solo or top/bot? are u agrressive or hold back to u lvl up and get gold for iteams? Whats the stratergy

Twitch is a carry, and unless you're fed, you're likely to fail if you think your strong at this stage of the game.
You are squishy, with a rather weak staying power. Stay safe.
You'll need HP if you want to gank. That and the help of teammates. You make a terrible engage, leave that to others, else you might just die before your teammates can react.

Nope. Really, if the game is fairly balanced i mostly find myself playing safe and playing as a carry. Stealth isn't godmode. I find Twitch a much better hero in team than in solo.

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should i buy the twtich 6.3k? im lvl 14 and wondering if i should buy him or spend money on runes when i get lvl 20. So ill have like 6.3k + gold up to 14-20.

How much gold would i get fomr lvls 14-20?

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Riot aBhorsen