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Jax guide - 1vs5

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I have reached a point with Jax where killing 5 people is becoming a regular occurrence lately. A lot of people have been asking for an advice and I got somewhat tiered of answering same questions, so hopefully this thread will serve as a pointer.

Summoner Abilities:
Since Jax becomes stronger with each consecutive attack, it's important to keep him freed up. Therefore the following abilities are chosen in mind to keep him free and survive the enemy.

This is huge. Always get this as jax, it can make champions like Ashe useless. Also a lot of players tend to have Exhaust and Ignite and they have tendency to put both of them on at the same time. Clense removes all of it. On top of it you get few seconds of 50% reduced duration on stuns,slows, taunts, fears, snares, sleeps and immobilizers. This summoner spell is truly indispensable!

This is must have for Jax as well. Since Jax does not have slowing ability this can help get a kill. Also serves a survival ability and can disable champions like Master Yi for example.

Defensive Mastery: 1/26/3:


Resistance, Hardiness, Strength of Spirit, Evasion, Nimbleness, Harden Skin, Veteran's Scars, Willpower, Ardor, Tenacity.



Greater Mark of Alacrity, +1.7% attack speed = Total 15%
9 Greater Seal of Evasion, +0.75% dodge = Total 7%
9 Greater Glyph of Potency, +0.99 ability power = Total 8.9

3 Greater Quintessence of Swiftness, +1.5% movement speed = Total 4.5%
explanation: attack speed runes will come in handy after you get Relentless Assault. Dodge runes is primarily to increase survivability along with assistance to proc counterstrike and Nimbleness. Ability power runes are there to increase hp and serve as a damage buffer to jax's abilities. Swiftness runes + Nimbleness + Dodge boots = if you become in doubt if you can survive or not just wait for counterstrike proc, use it and immediately run afterwards. This ability is direct indicator when you nimbleness is active.

How to play:

First of all, if possible take the middle and buy pendant of regrowth that regenerates health. Spend first point in Leap Strike then Focus on getting 5/5 in Counter Strike. After 2/5 in Counter Strike, spend point in Empower. Then after 5/5 in Counter Strike I continue spending points in Leap Strike, primarily to lower it's CD. So it should look like something like this:


After you get 968gold buy Ninja Tabi Boots, sell Regrowth Pendant and buy Vampiric Scepter. Head back to middle. At this point you should be close to or at lvl 6. Go kill a golem, try to do it in a way so your minions are gathered towards enemies turret. Then head back to middle turret kill off minions push em back to the turret, once pushed back go kill lizard. If enemy gets baited towards attacking your turret you should be able to kill him easily. If you fail at killing them, you definitely will scare them off from hanging anywhere around your turret. Use this opportunity to help gank other lanes. (Also solo a dragon if you passing by, it helps your team)

Items to go for: After scepter and boots buy Guinsoo's Rageblade

After this point buy items in regard to what you fighting. Some of the arsenal may include:

Banshee's veil
Rylai's Crystal Scepter(works great in slowing the whole team)
Mejai's Soulstealer
Rod of Ages
Abyssal Scepter
Madred's Bloodrazor
Phantom Dancer
Zhony'as Ring

Upgrade scepter into Bloodthirster or Stark Fevor at some point in the game. It all depends very much on the team you fighting against and which item would be more beneficial. Good Luck and Have Fun.

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Beating people 1v5 does not make you good. It just show how incredibly bad your opponents are.

Now to the build: Defensive is pretty bad there are a lot of wasted points in your build that could have gone into either 15% spell pen , Arpen, or Utility mastery. Counterstrike gives like 2 % extra dodge and meagre damage while leap really really helps you chase.
Personally I think move-speed quints are a waste. They don't help you much early game, mid game they are ok, and late game they are pretty bad. In my opinion they are way to situational as you already have leap and stun

Exhaust, I have tried it and its ok its just that it isn't optimal, if you want it chase early game its better to roll with ignite and later you should have lizz buff most of the time. Also carries aren't often close enough for you to exhaust when its optimal. Personally I just go for rally because I'm a team player . :P

I don't understand why you would go solo mid since you will have a hard time farming and you will not get a kill on the other mid at 6 unless they are terribad. Mid should also gank a lot and often its better to just farm up your rageblade in a lane.

Also an Atmas Impaler is really good item for JAX.

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Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I personally build Jax around idea of survival, so every bit helps. Jax damage is fine, the idea is to provide him with more combat time.

I tend to kill someone in middle on the frequent basis. The reason why Counter Strike is better pick at early stage is because of a really low cooldown. Essentially getting it up not only increases your survivability but also a damage of it. What I do is get couple leap strikes on the enemy champion, when they are around 60% health or so I go into a jungle and get golem buff or lizard buff. At this point the enemy champion is half-way to you turret or close to it. I leap strike, stun em, exhaust and stun again and the enemy is dead. If given same amount of time, the damage of counterstrike ends up greater than that of Leap Strike. Besides if they do get away, you not going to Leap Strike chase them into the turret at that lvl and health.