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Shen, Tactics do's and dont's

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I played Shen pretty tanky and got good success , i use taunt and dagger to chase and kill enemies in realy game its also pretty good to initiate fights with your lane partner.

First Item i get is Phage -> Hp, Dmg and Slow for Chasing
Second Item -> Ninja Tabi -> Simply good Def Boots and you ARE a NINJA
Then Frozen Mallet -> See Pahge just better
Then Leviathan -> After the Buff yout get 2 Stacks per support or Kill trust me it fills pretty fast
Last Item in most of the Games -> Atmas Impaler Crit a huge dmg Boost just perfect

I got some Games with 14/4/35 with Shen i can turn the Tables in Teamfights

Port -> Dash/Taunt -> Healing Pinata Attacking

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I almost always go Leviathan/treads/warmogs, although I think phage might be a good first item too. I'm gonna try that one first and decide from there. It seems for me most of the kills I get are early game from heavy dmg from Q, so the stacks help carry you through to bigger items.

Edit: Okay so here's what I did last game.

Start with ruby crystal -> leviathan
2nd ruby crystal -> phage
boots of speed -> ninja tabi
Phage -> frozen mallet

I went 5-1-7, ended up with 20 stacks on levi and was invincible.

However, my normal build goes like this:

Start with ruby crystal -> Leviathan
boots of speed
merc treads/ninja tabi

The second is more of a team build, putting you more as support. Phage makes you a great hero killer with your nuke and taunt you're almost guarenteed to get a slow proc off phage. giving you more time.

As far as playstyle, I don't really spam feint hardly at all, I use it like Sivir's spell shield, i.e. stop a harasser.

Summoner spells: Teleport//ignite.
Just a few preliminary thoughts. I felt much squishier without the warmogs the game I went frozen mallet, even though it has great stats, they're both viable.

Second edit: I do not like getting levi first anymore, it takes too long to stack up. I would recommend phage first or HoG if you're doing slow.

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another good thing about taunt is that it catches cloaked heros too. So if you are sure a twitch/eve is behind you, dash in that direction and they will uncloak. Ive done this and it resulted in eve dying.

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shen actually has great tanking stats. seriously, his hp is comparable to alistar and easily surpasses rammus, amumu, and even malphite.

he also has an excellent early game harassment ability which also ensures last hits, rendering him a pretty good farmer. clutch use of blink and feint mean that shen can actually hold his own in a lane very well, unlike some tanks such as rammus and amumu.

I personally think the best way to play him is to rush warmogs. Why? because regrowth pendant is a great starting item, completely eliminating all threat of early game harassment. Get a belt, then defensive boots, then complete warmogs. After that, you're good on health for the time being. A warmogs with 40ish creep kills on it (which isnt hard at all on shen, hes a last hitting machine with vorpal blade and ki strike) will give shen 3300 health at lv18. after that, build an Atma's. this raises your damage output considerably, as it stacks with ki strike. It also gives you armor. if you are facing a team with not that many stuns and stuff, and grab tabi over merc threads, then you will have a solid amount of armor.

after this, grab a rylai's. this gives you a health boost and causes your vorpal blade to slow your enemies, which is huge. It also allows your vorpal strike to hit for 48 higher and your ult to absorb 80 more damage per shield (and causes feint to block 24 more damage). I tend to grab lizard alot, so i already have the melee slow.

after that, build thornmail, banshee's, whatever. the game should be over by then.

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- play shen very aggressive early game. You have that regrowth pendent and a semi heal + shield, thats some major lane lasting potential.

- You can go toe to toe with most glass-cannon champs , shen has great killing prowess early-mid game (like alot of tanks). But late game you might have to play a little more passive

- take advantage of the fact that shen is proficient at moving in and out of combat situations and coming out relatively clean, remember; you're a goddang ninja, throw out some ballsy maneuvers and keep your opponents guessing.

- Shen is sorta like Kat. His spells really aren't that spectacular but there is little restriction on how often your able to use them. This requires a different play style than most champs.

- A ranged champ is an issue you have to tackle in the lane phase. They can avoid your harassment and its hard to get near them, and they usually out harass you. Sometimes a knock-down, drag out, in-your-face fight is the only way to pull ahead of them.

Hope this helps you all are saying good things

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I agree with Phage over HoG. HoG is for champs that are not very good with farming. Shen, on the other hand, can farm very well. You're better off getting something else.

While Shen has one of the higher innate HP, I often see bad Shens stacking only HP and no armor. Don't make that mistake--higher base HP gives you more wiggle room to go into MR and AR. Don't waste that potential!

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k im not one to post like a whole char guide, but here is what ive been doing with Shen. It has been quite effective.
9/21 mastery with cleanse and heal
magic resist / crit / +hp runepage

rush Frozen mallet, marc boots, and warmongs
after that laviathon armor and then Pdancer
last item should be armor or magic resist based on team...perhaps gaurdian angel even. havent had a game last much longer than those items, either we winning or getting crushed depening on all other game factors.

you are a bit of a tank with nice hp and armor later but you are in and out of fights a lot.
keep q up on whatever you may be hitting at the time and spam W anytime your in kombat with 2+ enemies. use taunt more as either a chase ability or later in a rumble when a few of their heroes are low hp and will try and get back.

try and save energy for an E if things get hairy. cleanse and E will help u escape.

you can chase down heroes well and once u on them they arent going anywhere fast.
you will have map presence even wtihout teleport, just use your ulti wisely.

hope that helps. I like him so far.

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Think like a ninja.

Well, in terms of tactics anyways.

For items, always go Ruby Crystal first.

This gives you a decent HP advantage on top of whatever runes and masteries you SHOULD have when playing Shen.

Skill progression sort of varies.

Against powerful physical DPS


Against a team who relies on a lot of casting ryze/annie/any nukers


This is because casters are going to have seriously terrible AD, that two seconds of Auto Attack will put your team at an excellent advantage.

Also, the whole reason for taking Ruby Crystal and no regen items is because Shen has basically free regen with Vorpal Blade. I've stayed alive with only Ruby Crstal and without needing to go back to base for the first 22 minutes feeding my HP back to full with Vorpal Blade. You should be spamming this on the melee and siege minions and constantly chucking it at people in team fights.

Once you finally need to go back to base, get the next portion of Warmogs, the Giants Belt. This will bring your HP up way over most other players, except enemy tanks maybe. This also increases the damage of your Ki Strike.

Once you finish your Warmogs get Ninja Tabi or Mercury's if you're getting CCed a lot somehow.

From there build Phage and upgrade to Frozen Mallet.

At this point you should have over 3K hp and rising. Almost none of my games with Shen have gotten past this point, so I don't really know what to do next. I personally think his HP is high enough, at that point, he's pretty ridiculous to try to take down and Feint gives you basically an extra 310 HP and the CD is extremely low. If the enemy gets you low you can use your taunt to escape.

So from there I'd Mayyyybe get another HP increasing item. If you're getting kills, go for Leviathans. If not, I'd say Aegis or Sunfire Cape.

From there, Shens main problem is finishing a kill in a 1v1 situation, the enemy will most likely be able to run or blink away and you'll often find yourself lacking the necessary energy for another Taunt or you will be just out of range.. His attack speed is really low, and his damage is sub-par save for his Ki-strikes. For the remaining item slots I'd go for Atma's Impaler, it will benefit from your huge HP and make it more likely that you'll be able to finish someone. I'm pretty tempted to throw on a Phantom Dancer for increased movement speed and increased attack speed as well as a higher crit chance.

So, right now we're sitting at:
Ninja Tabi/Mercury's
Frozen Mallet
Sunfire Cape/Aegis of the Legion
Atma's Impaler
Phantom Dancer

I haven't gotten to try the last two in action as the enemy team is usually crying by the time I have Frozen Mallet or my solo queue team had some feeders and I can't keep up with the enemy in terms of MY HP/DEF VS THEIR DAMAGE OUTPUT.

I'd do a run through of what to do in lane early game/ team fights, but I think that would take up too much time and essentially turn this post into a full on guide. Just remember that shen can do a nice 1/4 to 1/3 of the enemy champions HP in burst damage early game, but really can't do anything else after that. He's not meant to 1v1, he's there to **** up the enemy team in a fight so that your team can win. Find their Carry, taunt him, Vorpal Blade and smack him with your Ki Strike. If your team is not all over him, they're doing something wrong. Maximize on mistakes and constantly Vorpal Blade.

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Pink Cookie



Interested to see how this works, posted in another thread, but i've been experimenting in my head with a possibly good build.

Ninja Tabi (or Boots of Swiftness if you dont' have MS quints)
Burning Cape
Burning Cape
Frozen Hammer

All items grant HP, stacking Burning Capes gives good armor and HP as well as the great damage for being in the middle of combat, which you will be most of the time because of taunt. Frozen Hammer and Rylais help with the chase and slowing characters down enough to take advantage of the Burning capes.

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You will need lots of armor in addition to high HP. HP only does so much, and once you stack around 2500, you're better off with armor in my experience. If anything, I tend to build my tanks around having high armor over high HP.

2sec taunt is not bad. Most tank's disables only lasts about that long. But one amazing thing about Shen's taunt is that it's AoE, and you can actually group a lot of champs together. Your 2 seconds could mean 1300+ AoE dmg from Katarina (I love it when Shen group up the enemies for me), or other AoE champs.

Your method of stacking armor over HP generally is commonly and affordably beaten by a Last whisper and a tool with half a page of armor pen runes. a good tank balances all defensive stats, Hp, Armor, Magic resistance, and health regeneration.

Now to the OP

Of coarse different tanks can build differently and still benefit due to the mass amounts of different play styles offered in all the champions. I.E Singed benefits greatly from building a rod of ages, thornmail, and force of nature. where as Rammus probably wouldn't buy the Rod of ages. but the Thornmail and force of nature are still good ideas for our rolley polley friend.

In my experience with playing on the same team as Shen, I'd have to say the best Shens' ive seen have been building Warmogs rather quickly followed by an armor item, maybe a Spirit visage..(Which I, in my honest opinion, think should affect his energy regeneration).

You are a support Champion after all remember this. Shen is not an end all be all tank champion. after all.. HES A FLIPPIN NINJA.

Certain quote comes to mind when I think of Shen. "When you do something right, people wont think you did anything at all" - some old wise guy