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Assist/Redemption System

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Basically the whole idea behind this system revolves around this thought.

Teams That Have Missing Members Should Be Allowed To Receive Assistance And Players Who Have Gotten Leaves Due To D/C Or Emergencies Should Be Allowed To Redeem Themselves

If a player leaves, rage quits, or gets auto kicked for being AFK, they should not linger at the spawn or be allowed to come back into the game. They should be removed from the game, they should also be punished and they should leave an open spot where another player that chooses to go into an Assist queue can join the game instead. This new Assist player would be granted the same level and gold accumulated as the lowest level person in the current game so they can do their skills and build their items as soon as they get in game and start assisting(making them acquire the exp/gold equivalent to lowest level player from either team in the current game is a fair way of letting them in without the risk of turning them into a feeder). Also this player should be able to either chose the champion they want to play with a limited timer in the assist queue or they can jump right in and play the champion the person who left was playing.

Now of course this Assist system would require some thought but it could really open up a lot of avenues for game play and for players. Like there could be a few things that can be awarded for assisting. Like if a player assists they can reduce a portion of their own AFK/Leave rating since they went in to help that team. But maybe only reward the rating reduction if the player helps that team that he assisted to win. Like if you're a player that has 1 Leave and then you assist another team to victory, you're now back to 0 Leaves. So in a way it would be a system of Redemption. You could also reward IP/Exp ONLY for assists, but not Elo points, even if it was a ranked game. If Elo was awarded it would either have to be very little if it was a ranked game or none at all because it could be then considered as an exploit through this system.

Would love to hear you guys' opinion or input on this idea.