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The Beginners Guide to Playing League of Legends

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While there are many wonderful guides out there, and each will add to a new players skill level and understanding, most of them are tailored to level 30's with at least a basic understanding of all the mechanics of the game. Unfortunately, this isn't the case with a lot of people. I invited 3 of my friends to play the game, and I can safely say that without me there to teach them the very basics, they wouldn't still play it today (which they do, and they love it almost as much as I do). With so many things to cover, I may skip some things, and I fear it may become a bit of a wall of text, but I'll try and keep everything properly titled to you can skip around and find what pertains to you. I'm by no means an expert on the subject, so any input is appreciated and I'll try and keep it updated.

Getting Started

So you've downloaded the game and installed it. What next? Well, a few things. Theres a couple of guide out there that will go over the very basics better than i can, so I'll link them real fast:

Basics of the Game:

LoL lingo:

both of these will help you get a start on your feet. Even so, lets not jump straight into a game. Take a quick few minutes to get an overview of all the characters. No advanced research is required, just click on the Champions tab under your summoners profile. Get a quick idea of who does what by checking each mark on the left side one by one. While not set in stone, it will give you a general idea of what each does and what your up against.

Start looking for a champ you might like to play. There is no best champ, and while some champs are more noob friendly than others, You'll have more fun finding one you like. I do suggest you start with a ranged class, however, as it provides a level of safety thats always nice starting out.

Also, give the Spells tab a quick glance. Get an idea of what they all do.

Your First (Few) Games

So you decided on a champ to use, lets give 'em a run, shall we? I STRONGLY suggest your first game be a practice game with a full compliment of bots. No offence ment, but your not going to be good for yourself or your team without at least a very basic understanding of how the game works. Don't be afraid to stack the game a bit into your favor (as in, 4 bots on your team, 3 on the other). Click the Play button, go to practice game, start one with a password, add bots and go. You only get a minute and a half to choose your champion and summoner spells, so prior knowledge is a good thing.

Choose your champ, throw on exhaust and heal, and lets go.

With bots stacked on your team, you don't have to worry about winning, and can concentrate purely on learning the game. Your first 3 levels spend a point on each skill and get an idea of how each works, and how they work with each other. Get an idea of how far it is to safely push towards other champs and towers (which isn't as far as you may think). Remember, attacking an enemy champ makes all minions and towers in the area go after you. No pressure whatsoever, just learn the game.

Also, take the time to learn all the items, even the consumables. You can't really look these up quickly outside of game, so take practice games to get an idea of what each does and ball park what they all cost. Learn to be comfortable with last-hitting to farm money for said items.

For a quick look up list this is perfect:

I strongly suggest you play 3 practice games, stacking bots less in your favor each time. By the third game you should be comfortable 2 bot + you vs. 3 bots. I suggest 3, because winning 3 games puts you at level 4, which in terms of summoner spells means you'll have Heal, Ghost, Cleanse, and Flash. Choose 2 of them and stick with them until you can get Clairvoyance. This really, sadly, isn't up for much debate. Early in your LoL gaming you should be concentrating on staying alive in normal games more than anything else. These skills will help you do it. Do NOT take revive, you do not need an excuse to die. You shouldn't be dying at all.

Now, understand, practice games aren't teaching you so much how to handle enemy champs as it is learn the basics and understanding your champ of choice. Any time you decide to try a new champ, especially early in your LoL career, give 'em a trial run on practice. But once you've handled the basics, its time to move on to real games with real players.

Time For Your First (Few) Real Games

So you've got an understanding of how to play and how your champ works, you've got some emergency summoner spells at your disposal (<3 flash, learn it, love it. Remember, if you press the hotkey while running, you auto-port in the direction your running), and your ready to learn how to fight against people. Remember, what I suggest isn't set in stone, but they DO help with a newer players gaming.

Once your in game, first things first, Buy an item, choose a skill, and roll out. There are a few good ones, but my Highly Recommended Noob Stamp of Approval goes to this baby as your first 2~3 choices:

Philosopher's Stone (1115 g)
Meki Pendant (390 g) + Regrowth Pendant (475 g) + 250 g
Passive: Gain an additional 5 gold every 10 seconds.

Start off with the regrowth Pendent (When your new, HP regain is ALWAYS nice because you WILL make mistakes), regardless of your champ. Upgrade it asap. There isn't a single champ that won't be able to use HP/MP regain and gold in some way. Especially considering since your new, last-hitting and farming will be far more difficult than most people, so a steady source of income is a good thing.

Remember: Staying alive, pushing your lane, and playing as safe as you can will help your team far more than anything else you can do without better knowledge of what your up against. Until you understand how each class works and how players use them. Until that point, just let your team know that your new, and you'll mostly just be laning. Don't worry about helping with a gank unless its in your lane anyway. Call out any MIA (let your team know when an enemy champ is no longer in your lane by telling them mia in chat), and concentrating on pushing your creep wave. Tower pressure is the noobs best way of helping his team. But a dead champ can't push, so STAY ALIVE.

Until you know what direction your taking your champ, trust in the recommended items, they aren't terrible, and will help you understand what you can do. Branch out now and then with items, try something new. The big items are nice, but don't be afraid to grab a few weaker items instead. This is your learning period.

Don't let losses discourage you. Don't let rude teammates get to you. Just play and have fun. Its a game. We all start somewhere.

Level 10!

So know you have some rune slots and some mastery points, time to learn what thats all about. There are plenty of good guides out there to help you, but most are tailored to level 30's, so here I'll concentrate on the noob friendly stuff, but I will link some good guides to look over.


Runes (Sorry, its .pdf):

As for masteries, I STRONGLY suggest utility. It is by far the most useful tree for newer players. Good Hands, Haste (if you take ghost), Awareness, Greed, and Meditation ALL help new players. As for runes, whatever you have available. Runes don't become a huge impact until later levels, but every little bit helps, so just get some and throw the good sounding ones on.

You Should have a basic idea of what your up against at this point, you'll know kinda what to expect, you'll be able to branch out a bit from the safe noob shell you've made. Push a little but harder, join in ganks, harass a little more. Find out how much they can take, how much you can take. Learn the counters to your champ and your abilities. Play with things, try new builds, get a solo kill. Hide in the bushes for an ambush, help teammates that need it. Save up for the BIG items.

But most of all, have fun. Remember, its just a game.

Beyond level 10

Past level 10, you should have gained enough idea of how this game works. Just keep playin', and having fun. Other guides catch you up better than I could hope to once you reach this point, so by all mean, check them out!


List of Guides:

Feel free to add me and ask for a game if your newer. I love helping out newer players.

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For brand new people, Larias also has a nice post that is stickied afaik. Highlights some mechanics and stuff to be aware of. Great job though!


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It is very good, but it seemed more tailored to people that came from DotA, and since I wasn't one of those people, I thought I'd help the rest.

Still you're right, I'll add the link. Thanks for the quick feedback!

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Why can't i start practice game only with bots?...

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How does this thread have 8232 views and 3 replies.. : o

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Good thread i did a couple of solo games then tried it for real, got owned on my first outing but next time got 8kills and 2 deaths very useful tips you gave me.

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#1 Dont die, farm and build well.

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TMS WildTurtIe

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Thanks for writing this, I'm new and it helped a LOT! I would love to play you in-game sometime

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What a crazy bump

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I strongly suggest you play 3 practice games, stacking bots less in your favor each time. [...] I suggest 3, because winning 3 games puts you at level 4, which in terms of summoner spells means you'll have Heal, Ghost, Cleanse, and Flash.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Flash gained at Summoner level 12?