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Freezes right at start

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Junior Member


Ok, you guys must really hate Heros of Newerth...

I played a game of LoL when I came home while downloading the beta of HoN, once then game was done the download was finished, I closed LoL and installed HoN.

Then I played 2 games of HoN won one, lost one, and got the urge to play LoL again since I think I enjoy LoL more, but now it freezes when I try to start it, I get the first "splash" screen but then nothing happens and if I wait long enough it dies on its own, otherwise if I click Log or Option it will open that window and then freeze so I can't do anything.

I've tried to reboot my computer and other non-drastic things to get it to work but its just not working atm.

I know there will be a new patch out soon and I have to reinstall anyway, and I'm going on vacation so I won't reinstall it at this point but thought I should just point this out.

Also the Play buttom is empty just a blue box.

Guessing this is what the sticky was about... anyway as I said it worked today and then 1 hour laer it didn't work and I tried the fix and it didnt work either :/

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Jesse Perring



Thanks for reporting. Only real solutions available are installing Windows SP3 and reinstalling LoL so waiting for the new patcher may be a good idea.

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Junior Member


Similar problem. reinstalling did not help. hon also installed ^^

vista 32 here.