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The Xhai Meki Scroll: A Shen Guide

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first i never said get 2 warmog's, i asked a question. if you're implying that a question means you do it yourself or that it's true you're totally mistaken. if i asked "Do cats have wings?" it doesn't imply that cats have wings, or does it? maybe to you i guess? to me it's just a question and you can answer "yes" or "no".

if you read several posts up i did the math and the extra damage reduction on leviathan id less than the extra damage you can take with warmog's. the cost; however, IS better for leviathan and makes a valid point.

thanks for trying on the first part...i hope you understand what i meant by the example question.

and AGAIN you still didn't answer my question.

You are comparing an item that costs 3x as much as another item. You are essentially asking why would anyone buy a Kia when they can buy a Porsche, discounting how much better a deal the Kia is for getting around in most circumstances, and how much extra money you pay for the novelty of the Porsche (but it is obviously better if just straight compared with no regard to price).

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Frozen Mallet
Ninja Tabi
Warmog's Armor
Guardian Angel
Atma's Impaler

Replace Warmogs with Aegis and its a good build

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First off, thank you for the guide. I am just a reader that became interesting in this character & will push myself to get him next. I don't have much to argue or add, but I will return to bring my experience when the time comes.


if you guys are looking for health why don't you just get another warmog's armor since it's not UNIQUE and there fore should stack with itself?

Thats the question you've been asking, right? If so after reading this thread, I've seen people argue that the time it takes to max the charges on both warmogs is in poor supply. So I will say I agree with you that since they are not UNIQUE they will stack with each other. Other than that I have no idea; usually don't play with double warmogs. Hope this helps the people who couldn't understand what you where asking & puts your unanswered question to rest.