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Taking potions for mid?

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Tempests Wrath

Senior Member


So.. to see if I have this right.

Pots in are used by 3 basic types of people right off the bat:
- rare people smart/good enough to use them properly (apparently i have simply yet to find one)
- dumb people trying to emulate the smart/good people
- and people using them for filler with gold leftover from a viable item choice (like the Anivia with boots, which i didnt know about with her.)

Am I getting close?

On other notes: ((Ignore the rest of this post if you only care about staying on topic to the question))

"The short version is I would rather spend less than 100g on 2 health pots than all my gold on a pendant that will be useless to me by level 10" -- IrishDoom
Fair point, as well as the post commenting on it about why most people dont get it.

"If you always land kills on potion buyers as Ashe mid lane, you're laning against some terribles. Boots/3 hp pot Tristana and TF's are very scary." -- JunkRamen
Tristana is always scary as Ashe (unless Trist is an idiot).

"I recommend you try starting with meki + 2 hp pots or boots + 2 hp pots. Smart play can mitigate a lot more damage then a regrowth pendant can." -- QUICKSLIDE
XD at no point will I ever truely accuse myself of being smart. I always manage to mess up in some small way.
The reason i dont start with mana regen though is because i went utility tree, and I have my yellow runes giving me more mana regen. So i start with more regen than i need unless im truely being abusive to her frost shot/volley. Iv tried boots as a first item, but it just didnt fit. I always get too overzealous when i have them.

And yes I get phil stone as ashe.. I like the extra income if the games goes long enough (which will be traded out later if it really goes that long), and the combined hp/mana regen will usually keep me topped off in the level range i acquire it (when ashes volley gets to have a really short cooldown and the ult takes a scary chunk of your mana away) until i can farm up the blood thirster or a similer amount of damage/lifesteal. It just syncs up well with the masteries/runes i have. So thats what i do with a regrowth pendant up to late game.

But yeah, i didnt come here to ask about my ashe build, as it works more than well enough for me in my current elo/the way i play. I wanted to know about that particular build, and the why when iv personally never seen it work.

Thank you all for the replies though. Most of you were rather helpful.

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Senior Member


Pots cost 35 gold
Pendant costs 475 gold

Beyond laning, the pendant is mostly useless

475 gold worth of potions is 13 potions which heal 2600 life total

It would take 15 minutes of healing with a pendant to equal 13 potions. The only upside to the pendant is that you can sell it back later on.

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Senior Member


i just use potions as filler:P

ex: i buy a dorans ring for my nidalee

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Retsu Unohana

Senior Member


Nothing wrong with buying pots at lvl 1.
And WTF do you do w/ a regrowth plate as ashe
get mekis / pots

You get 640 gold port back to base and build a philo stone port back and win meki on ashe is trash i max bounty get 1 lvl in frost and volley and own all those mekki scrubs

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Senior Member


And yes I get phil stone as ashe..

Basically, pots give you HP when you need it. Regrowth is only efficient when you're taking sustained damage over a long period of time. Which means you have other problems you need to fix first -- like how you're laning.

Health pots win lane wars. A regrowth pendant at 475 could buy you 13 health pots. That would last you over 4 straight minutes of massive HP regen.

After the 4 minute mark, what do you care about random HP regen? If you are being attacked by competent opponents, they do not "whittle you down" after 5, 7, 10 minutes. They kill you with a gank or burst damage -- situations where your HP regen has zero relevance.

And that's the bottom line -- health pots are way more efficient health regen per $, during the phase of the game where health regen matters (for most champs). The only time you want a Regrowth pendant is if you are going to upgrade it.

Philo stone is not a worthy upgrade :\.

i max bounty get 1 lvl in frost and volley and own all those mekki scrubs

Obvious troll is obvious?

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Senior Member


i get boots one + pots on every champ i play.

nidalee boots+2 mana pots

ashe boots+1 health+2mana

poppy boots+3 health pots

anivia boots+2mana pots if im solo, if im laning i go doran's ring.

those are my primary champs i play. i also use move speed quints and get the move speed masteries. All preference really. w+boots+quints+masteries make poppy amazing early game.

just my opinion on ashe, why would you get lifesteal, regrowth or any health regen with ashe. you are ranged and if you are playing her rights you really shouldn't be getting hit at all during laning. I go straight up damage with ashe, no stone or any regen, if i have some mana probs i always get pots cheaper and more effective, best to grab my pure damage items on ashe , at least the way i play her.