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Best method to deal with Morgana's Mana consuption

Clarity 11 37.93%
Chalice 6 20.69%
Regen from items 3 10.34%
Runes 3 10.34%
Teleport/Recall 1 3.45%
Recall & QQ 2 6.9%
Other 3 10.34%
Voters 29 .

Morgana's Mana

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Senior Member


I rather enjoy playing Morgana and I've recently been looking into building a rune page for her, however I need to resolve a few issues first.

ITT - How do you compensate for Morg's mana hungry spells?

With a combination of high-costs and a trend of stacking Cooldown Reduction, her base Mana Regen just doesn't cover it. I've been trying to figure out the best way to deal with this weakness but I can't say I really like any one method.

Thus, the forums. Onto the options...

Option 1: Clarity
Using one of my Summoner Spell slots on Clarity is kind of harsh, but it gets the job done. Combined with a little mp/5 from other sources (items or runes), along with the Cooldown reduction from the Utility tree, Clarity should be able to keep me from going dry. It'll also help out my teammates on occasion too. I'll still have to recall for mana once in a while, but I need to buy stuff and get my health back too, so it's not an issue. The question is whether or not using up the spell slot is worthwhile, as well as if it willl truly be enough mana to last me as well as I think it will.

Option 2: Chalice
This is a good item in general. Magic Resistance is a good stat for everyone, especially for support and tank champions. The problem here though, is that the gold I spend on buying this could have been used to buy something else. Something that could save my a death, or something that could have gotten me a kill. Chalice isn't exactly expensive, but spending is spending. There's also the risk that it won't be enough regen - though it's more likely that if the Chalice isn't enough regen, nothing will be.

Option 3: Other Items
Maybe the Chalice is good for regen, but there's something else that'll fix my mana and help me out even more. I've been picking up a 'Haunting Guise' and a 'Deathfire Grasp' recently, but I can't say they fix my mana issues. The regen is more of a bonus on those pieces. Perhaps there are a few other items I'm overlooking that can help me here?

Option 4: Runes
I could always just fill my Rune page with mp/5 or mp/5/level runes. Considering Morgana's AP ratios, though, I'd like to have some space for AP, MPen, or other runes too. Would it be worth using up my whole page just to fix this issue - that is, if I can even get enough regen from runes to make it worthwhile!

Option 5: Teleport/Recall
Be ready and willing to type 'oom, brb', recall and then Teleport back. Often, or at least as often as Teleport is available. This isn't exactly ideal, but it works. The problem is that I'll be recalling for mana, and only mana - wouldn't be so bad if I had to buy/heal too, but Morgana tends to burn through mana like an SUV guzzles gas. Mana potions make this less problematic during the early game, at least.

Option 5b: Recall and QQ
As above, but dropping Teleport in favor of something else (Ignite, perhaps). This... isn't my favorite option, but I'll consider it if the opportunity cost of the other options is exceptional.

Option 6: I'm an idiot
Not very likely, but it's possible I've missed an option. If you've got an alternative to the options above that you feel will work significantly better than any of those, please post it.

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I find that chalice pays for itself in the laning phase alone, since you're now free to farm as you like.
I usually cap tormented soil at 3 while I max black shield first, then I either level it in order to keep up with creeps, or I begin to level her snare from level 1.

Getting Chalice is definitely a good choice; you can worry about AP and such later, as Morgana's dark binding doesn't get strong until quite late.

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I don't like the regen from item/chalice and runes.
I think your gimping your survivability by buying such items (and we know Morgana is all about Flash>Ult in a team fight, so you need survivability (HP from runes and items) to get your ult done)

Personally I use Clarity and my lane partner also loves me for having it. We can stay so much longer in the lane, and it's useless to use after a team fight to continue pushing (you probably blue pilled alot of time after a team fight because you didnt have enough mana to continue to push? now you can fill your team's mana and push!)

I'm having mana problem only early game thats why I find Clarity the best summoner spell on her (I use flash in my second slot, self explanatory)

I build Morgana as Survivability>CDR>Magic pen > AP

So I get 2x soon catalyst and get 2x RoA, then I get a Glacial Shroud (frozen heart VS physical dps) and throw a Guadian Angel if it's a long game (games never last that long in my ELO tho).
So I have a good mana pool late game.

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Only way i deal with morganas mana issues is to buy a fiendish codex asap, and i have masteries in utility, thats all i do regarding mana for her. Then again i build my morgana into a pure AP build. Normaly at the end i run with around 800 AP

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i have played a decent amount of games w/ morg and i have a decent idea of how to fix her mana issues.

first, i think it depends on how you play her, aka, your build items. Do you like building her as more of a damage output (ap build) or do u like building her more "tanky" and support with items like rod of ages.

If you honestly have mana issues, clarity is probably your #1 best bet. I think clarity is better than chalice because if you buy a chalice, its like starting the game w/ 1000 less gold. That 1000 gold could have been spent on buying something that has more impact on combat, such as a mageis or a rod of ages, anything really.

Heres a suggestion, as a build order. i will explain why afterwards.

1. Choose clarity.
2. Start w/ a 200 Mana crystal (named has slipped my mind atm).
3. Build a catalyst as soon as gold permits. The mana regen it provides is phenomenal.
4. Either buy boots after catalyst, or go straight for Rod of Ages, depending on your playstyle and preferences. I peresonally recommend getting boots after catalyst and keeping the catalyst (for the mana bonus it provides) and waiting till later to complete the RoA.

This build order should fix most of your mana issues (of course you will always eventually run out of mana, but this build should help quite a bit).

Now, you have RoA, your mana pool is quite large, and w/ clarity, you really shouldnt have many mana issues. Also, this is obvious but i even forget somtimes while in game, golem buff is the bees knees on morgana, it is everything she could ever want. cd reduct w/ infinite mana. it is a MUST have for you.

As for runes/talents, the yellow mp5/per level runes are very good on her, and if that is not enough mana regen, you could use red or blues for mana regen as well, though i personally believe those should be used for other things such as cd reduction and health.
I personally use red flat health runes, yellow mp5 per level runes, blue cd per level reduction runes, and quint flat health runes.

For talents, i think it is obvious but i will state it anyways, 9/0/21, specifically focusing on mana regen and presence of the master (for faster clarity cd). as a side note, the clarity mastery is amazing for 1 point and your team will love you for it.

Hope this helps.

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Faeorn Ran

Senior Member


I prefer chalice.

Magic resist + craploads of mana regen + super cheap = win.

However, I do agree that tanky Morgana is the way to go, but depending on who I'm playing against I build her skills to either hold them longer (level up my q) or to be able to push well (with my w), leaving Black Shield with only one level until I feel like it needs to get more powerful.

Additionally, I like getting spirit visage with her for that additional level of tanking magic, and I find the health regen boost is very nice, not to mention the health regen and cooldown.

Once the early game is done, all you need is about 2600 (rough/crappy estimate) for chalice, boots, and then spirit visage. After that, I go items that give me AP as well as health/mana like Rod of Ages or Rylai's if my team is sucking at chasing. If I find myself needing more tanking ability, I just farm up a Guardian Angel. If I do that I usually take on a more active tanking role, however.

Also, I use cleanse and ghost for my summoner spells. Doing this you can completely neglect armor, since any carries that might scare you can be removed of their disables, trapped, and then if you really need it you can ghost away to separate yourself quite well. Doing this I've found Morgana to be a wonderful support unit that can push like crazy while also being able to take a crapton of damage (OH NOES I AM TEH ROOTED FOR 3 SECONDS, I BETTAR KILL THAT LADY WITH A GIANT FOOT... lolwut i can't).

Of course, I'm not high ELO, so feel free to not take my build seriously since I'm a scrub.

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Senior Member


I find the best way is Haunting Guise, plus the CRD and magic pen are invaluable

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Beegly Boogs

Senior Member


Clarity is a waste, take flash / clairvoyance

Get mana regen /level yellows and start with a doran's ring. It's hard to run out of mana.

or you can listen to these randoms.