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[Guide] Gentleman Fiddlesticks

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Gentleman Fiddlesticks: Putting the scare in scarecrow Guide V.1


Versions: 03/23/10: V.1 If you wish to skip to a section please use Ctr+F


Table of Content:

1) Champion information [G.I]
- Initial Stats
- Abilities
- Summoner spells
- Introduction

2) Early game [G.II]
- Lane preference
- Lane Mate
- Harassment
- Conservation
- Early game gank

3) Midgame [G.III]
- Crowstorm
- ganking

4) Crowstorm [G.IV]

5) Skills [G.V]

6) Items [G.VI]

7) Runes [G.VII]


Champion information [G.I]:

Fiddlesticks stats:
Attack [**........]
Health [***.......]
Spells [********..]
Difficulty [***.......]

Health: 470:1830 - Lv1:Lv18
Mana: 310:1313 - Lv1:Lv18
Movement Speed: 290
Armour: 8:59 Lv1:Lv18
Magic Resistance: 35


Horror (Passive): Nearby enemy Champion have their Magic Resistance reduced by 16.
Terrify (Q): Fears the target for [1.0/1.5/2.0/2.5/3.0] Seconds. Mana consumption [65/85/105/125/145]. Range is 525.
Life Drain (W): Deals [50/75/100/130/160]+AP*0.4 health per second for 6 seconds giving that health to fiddles. Mana consumption [80/100/120/140/160]
Dark Wind (E): Deals 100+AP*0.35 damage and bounces between [3/5/7/9/11] times between targets (able to hit the same target multiple times), and silences said target for 0.5 seconds. Mana Consumption [50/70/90/110/130] Range is 600.
Crow storm (R): Fiddlesticks teleports to a targeted location and causes crow to fly around him attacking enemies, dealing [150/250/350]+AP*0.4 damage per second (dps) for five seconds. Mana consumption [200/300/400], range 800, Channelling time is 2 seconds.

Summoner Spells:

Flash: Flash is a required ability for Fiddlesticks, it can be used in multiple different ways, including increasing his distance covered while using his ultimate, or it can be used to jump next to a champion (who doesn't have cleanse) to terrify them while they're running away.

Clarity: Provides Fiddlesticks with the ability to get AP rather than mana regeneration at the beginning of a game, and also allows him to stay in lane longer, or use another nuke early game to get ahead in a lane, though this ability can vary, I prefer clarity because it will help you get to a higher level sooner because of your extra time in lane.

Heal: I would recommend highly against the replacement of summoner abilities for heal, as you play fiddlesticks you will get drain, an ability that can give you anywhere from 300 to 960 health over 6 seconds (without the contribution of AP and also factoring in magic resist). Rally: As I see rally, it’s spell that is more meant for the front lines, and as fiddlesticks is very squishy, I doubt you’ll be close enough to pop it and it still be useful to everyone in your group.

Clairvoyance: Though a very useful ability, even in times like team fights, it can also be used to hunt down single heroes, which a lot of the times fiddlesticks may have to waste his ultimate to kill them if they have a lot of magic resist, which would waste it. So if you plan to use it for team fights, or maybe scout out baron when everyone’s gone, go ahead, but as a fiddlesticks player I’d say more so that Clairvoyance is better against fiddlesticks, rather than the other way around. Another note to add is that if you want clairvoyance to check out if you’re jumping spots are safe, I’d suggest instead putting down a ward instead.

Cleanse: Cleanse can be very useful, so I leave it up to you, because cleanse can be the different between life or death in some situations, but I believe if they were close enough to cast a spell on you and you’re running, then odds are you’re going to die anyway. So I’d prefer having something to help you stay in lane longer rather than a life saver ability.

Revive: It’s useless.

Ghost: This ability can be used to get positioning with your ultimate, but it’s not an instant move, which makes it less valuable for surprising your enemies and getting all of them in the AOE rather than one or two. But, if you don’t have flash yet, I would advice taking ghost as your second ability.

Teleport: This is always a good idea, for a good trick. You put yourself in another lane than the team fight, run into the bush in that lane and teleport to the ward you put down in a nice jumping spot. Then, since they think you’re in the other lane than they will be surprised to you popping in on them, but I would still prefer flash.

Introduction: Though there are many different types of Fiddlesticks guides, and it is argued that Fiddlesticks is very situational based hero, I found that if you change fiddlesticks build too much you take away from his main strength, causing the game sometimes to turn against you. In this guide I will argue that, even though some variations to his build may be better for certain situations, this build has always served me well and has both help a winning lead on the other team and also played a very large factor in turning a losing game to an easy win (with the only variation being an oracles potion). May I quickly state, that I also play almost all my games pre-arranged with either one or no random players at all. As it is my strong belief that fiddlesticks is a majorly team based hero and is much harder to use while playing solo games.


Early Game [G.II]:

In this guide I will be defining early game as the time between when minions spawn to around level 10, where fiddlesticks only has his level 1 ultimate. Though in other guides they may define midgame as sooner, it is my belief that fiddlesticks starts his midgame when he gets his level 2 ultimate (level 11 champion).

Lane Preference:

Because fiddlesticks is a ranged hero and he has a largely useful harass ability, a lot would argue that he is a solo laning hero. Though, I believe that Fiddlesticks should only be taking middle lane as a last resort. Against high level heroes, to be in the middle you'd have to be very conservative and would most like be pushed up against the turret if against another strong unit pushing hero. Also, because of his low hp and how "squishy" he is, laning against champions such as Master Yi, or any hero with a slow or stun can kill you easily just by coming up and popping it on you. Being in middle lane also gives the opposite team a lot more awareness of when you get your ultimate, causing them to be more conservative if you go missing, causing your value to drop throughout the game. Instead of going middle, I prefer to go on an outer lane, depending on what team I am on. On blue team, go bottom. On purple team go top. The reason for the change in lane is because (playing conservatively) I always assume I will be pushed back a turret. With those two outer lanes, Fiddlesticks is offered easier ultimate entry in those lanes, which causes you to have an advantage if you're pushed back rather than just going around behind the opposing heroes.

Lane mate:

Keep in mind that Fiddlesticks has a somewhat long cooldowns, as in by the time you've popped all of them you will have almost nothing to do for the next little while, when used as a nuke, I consider his nuke for early game and mid game more for harass, while in end game a finisher rather than initiation. Because Fiddlesticks can do a lot of damage early game, it causes enemies to run away most of the time rather than trying to retaliate. Because of this, it's very useful to have a lane mate that has some form of stun, or another nuke to go in hand with yours. I prefer lanemates with some form of AOE stun or AOE slow because this causes enemies to be stunned in Fiddlesticks Crowstorm for that much longer.

For lanemates, I’d sudgest:

Careful of these heroes:

Master Yi

The why to be careful:

Blitz: His rocket grab can pull you out of a perfect crowstorming position if he predicts where you are, wasting your ulti and getting you killed in the process.

Corki: He can do a lot of damage in the time it takes for you to throw a crow, or really cast anything on him.

Evelynn: Pretty much anyone who has a stun and can turn invisible is a large threat, but I’ve actually killed eves before when they’ve jumped out at me because they’re so squishy the drain can take care of them. Though if she comes at you while crowstorming it can shut you down.

Jax: His jump hurts.

Master Yi: One of the worst. Because he runs quickly terrify doesn’t create enough distance between the two of you so he can catch up easily. Also, when he uses alpha strike he is no longer on screen and dark wind can no longer hit him and silence him.

Poppy: If she uses her charge when you have your ultimate on it can push you away from the battle and cause you to do next to no damage.

Ryze: Unlike dark wind, his bouncing ability can jump back to him and then to you again, so he can easily win one on ones.

Shaco: He goes invisible so be very aware of where he may potentially be.

Teemo: He can slow you with poisons and do a lot of quick damage depending on his build. In some cases he can chase you down just because you ran in to throw a crow.

Tristana: She can save her team mates by pushing you away with her ultimate, similar to poppy.

Twitch: Not only a stealth but a ranged, he may pop up near you tower to try and kill you even though you think you’re safe.

Zilean: Because he has such reduced cooldowns, in the time it takes to harass him he can drop two bombs on you and do far more damage than you would have done.


In early game fiddlesticks depends on his ability to harass because of his low hp. If he can't scare the enemy away with his abilities than there is a high possibility that he'll be picked off early on. It is also good to remember that Fiddlesticks Dark Wind ability (when cast) registers all the enemies in the area, from lowest hp to highest, and it keeps those values rather than retaking those values for each jump. This is why it is good to "throw the crow" (Dark wind) initially at heroes as much as possible at the beginning, that way the crow, even if thrown at minions will jump to the hero because of their lower hp. This is amazing for early harassment. As you progress in levels, keep in mind that some heroes such as Jax, Pantheon, Katarina and others with jumps, may try to harass you by jumping at you then running away. This can be completely reversed if you always keep mana in reserve to be able to fully nuke someone if they attempt.


Like I said earlier, Fiddlesticks is very squishy, and this causes him to be easily harassed early on, but early on some heroes will even try to go straight for Fiddlesticks and pick him off early. This is why it is good to keep in mind that Fiddlesticks should either stay in the bush, or stay more back in the lane rather than pushing to turret (If you do push to turret keep a very close eye on the map, because if someone popped out at you, you could easily die).

Early game gank:

When you reach level 6 almost everyone would still be in their initial lanes. This is very important to watch because if a player comes up or down to your lane than it can cause Fiddlesticks survivability to drop like a rock. Assuming no one comes to your lane, you should start considering having a tag team attack with your lane mate (as I suggested someone with a stun or slow, and someone that can get in there fast). It should be very easy to jump into the middle of the lane with your Crowstorm. The major thing to realize about Crowstorm is that a lot of heroes will run from you when you use it. The proper order (that I believe) to use Crowstorm effectively is:
1) Crowstorm
2) Terrify
3) Darkwind
4) Drain
You don't need to use Darkwind in the Crowstorm nuke, but it adds a lot of damage to the nuke, even more since it will most likely bounce between the target and other hero, which will also stop their partner from thinking about attacking you. Do not try early game gank though if you don't have a large amount of mana because usually, Fiddlesticks survivability while using his ability comes from using drain.


Midgame [G.III]:

In this guide I will be defining midgame for fiddlesticks either 10 - 15, or 10 - 18. This is because if Fiddlesticks falls behind in the game, his end game starts as soon as he has his level 3 ultimate, because without that extra 100 dps from his Crowstorm a lot of people don't notice it as much and as I've seen, the Fiddlesticks gets killed rather than kills.


At this point I the game, Crowstorm is still on its way to the top, and the other team will start to be taking your cooldown into consideration (depending on the level of gameplay). Because of this, it is a good idea to keep Fiddlesticks back and jungle, or go with other heroes into lanes to take out creeps (unless they're close to a turret). Though going with a partner against minions doesn't always stop ganks, it definitely encourages it more.


For Fiddlesticks, let your team mates know when your ultimate is up, because opens a whole new world of baiting, and large assistance in team fights. If team fights are starting up than you should still have the ability to use your Crowstorm from obvious spots jumping through walls. But keep in mind that the opposing team will start to dislike you more and more as the game goes on, so be more and more careful everytime you prepare for a team fight.


Crowstorm [G.IV]:

In end game Fiddlesticks is a very strong team fighting champion, and the opposing team will definitely know this, at least by now. In games that I've played I've had enemies lay wards around in obvious Fiddlesticks ulti teleport locations, refuse to initiate team fights until one of them had found me and killed me, and if I ever appear some would even waste their ultimate with the only goal to be to kill me.

One of my favourite ways to use crowstorm is to go into an open lane which a few players are MIA, wait near a bush, and when they give chase, pop the storm while they’re running at you. A lot of players are caught up in killing you that they don’t realize that you could be charging up your ultimate as they’re running that short distance to the bush.

Though besides this there are only a few other simple ways to use the ultimate, including jumping in from hidden areas (like mentioned earlier) with flash at the ready for after you get teleported in from the crowstorm.

But all that aside, you need to know the map, have an idea of both obvious jumping locations, and more complex jumping places, because you don't want players to become aware of your harder to find jumping places because than they will be able to read you more often. At this point I would also suggest getting the golem cooldown buff, as it will help you get your ultimate more often, which can be a wonderful addition to Fiddlesticks.


Skills [G.V]:

As an outer lane playing Fiddlesticks I go generally I follow this skill pattern:

1. Darkwind
2. Drain
3. Terrify
4. Darkwind
5. Terrify
6. Crowstorm

7. Drain
8. Darkwind
9. Terrify
10. Drain
11. Crowstorm

12. Terrify
13. Darkwind
14. Drain
15. Terrify
16. Crowstorn

17. Darkwind
18. Drain

This allows early nuke, and provides you will stronger early team fights or lane fights, which can give you a strong upper hand midgame.


Items [G.VI]:

Fiddlesticks has a passive of increased magic penetration, and his AP scales somewhat well with his abilities, and for fiddlesticks in team fights you'll have many assists/kills with all this in mind the fiddlesticks item build should be:

0) Tome: Offers 20 early AP.

1) Mejaj: upgrade the tome to the soulstealer, which is probably one of the most important items for fiddlesticks.

2) Sorcerer’s Boots: Extra magic penetration.
2) Oracles: If there's an eve or twitch, since you'll have your ultimate soon at this point and you want to optimize its damage.

3) Rod of ages: Offers hp, mana, and AP, with a nice unique, which is good early game.

4) Void staff: Offers large amounts of AP plus spell pen.

5) Rylai's staff: Additional AP, plus the slow can help sometimes, you may use another high AP item instead.

6) [Optional] Ring: This now with the new patch can bring your AP up to around 700, and also give you immunity to all damage.


Runes [G.VII]:

It is my strong belief that fiddlesticks needs to stack things that will help him kill faster, rather than die sooner. This is because what ever you do, Fiddlesticks will be quite squishy, and in trying to make him more like a tank, you'll end up losing a lot potential from his ultimate and abilities. This is why I strongly believe that as a Fiddlesticks player, you should get the runes:

- Mana
- Spell Penetration
- Cooldown
- Ability power

These types of runes will help optimize Fiddlesticks ability to stay in lanes longer in earlier game, and also his end game play.


Thanks for reading my first guide ever!


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Nice guide, might I suggest using Leviathan for survivability when using your ulti as it is probably more than likely that you will get focus fired when you pop in. Also considering the amount of assists you can get as fiddles, Leviathan will get you some mad HP.

- Shifty

EDIT: That one game with ya where I was laning with you as Malphite was domination... lol you got some great Fiddles game.

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My new favorite item build is:

Amp Tome + health pot [Solo golem lvl 1]
Sorc Boots
Catalyst > RoA

Why the ring?
1. Mejai's should be well charged by now, so the 25% boost on it is amazing + the massive AP
2. Ulti out > Dark wind > [O **** they are focusing me] > [O look im untouchable] > [Allow teammates to destroy the enemies as they all focus on you.]

The one game I jumped into a team fight (no ulti, just throwing a dark wind then running) and their whole team chased me. Literally as their whole team as chasing solely me, my team tore them up. Then they went "O crud, we should attack other people that we can actually reach." So I dipped behind a wall and ulti'd back in, killing their whole team. A lot of playing fiddle well is knowing exactly when and where to ulti. The biggest mistake I see of noob fiddle's is ulti-ing way too early. If you are first in, you are dead. Zhonya's really helps with this, it can prevent a positioning mistake from becoming a death, that is if your team comes to back you up (hopefully).

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Sorry, I should have clarified myself. By "ring" I ment Zhonya's ring. I just assumed after the pure AP stacking build that the only ring to really grab would be Zhonya's ring.

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BUMP for player insight.