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In-game Store Window is too large

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I just upgraded my old 19" 4:3 monitor to a new 23" 16:9 monitor this last weekend; it's easily twice as large as my old monitor. Top of my list of "this is going to be awesome!" was LoL on the new giant monitor.

Most things in-game look great with it. I realize you don't support getting to zoom out extra far because of the higher resolution or bigger screen size, but some things seem like they should get a bit of support. Most problematic is the in-game store. I've turned down chat size and UI size quite a bit, and the store still goes from about an inch from the top of my screen to an inch from the bottom.

Pretty please make it look better and allow it to scale?

Attached: Image of the store now, and a second picture with the store shrunk by 60%.

EDIT: Note for clarity, the shrunken store was done with an out-of-game image editor.

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Senior Member


Ha ha ha... I remember kicking up my resolution and this giant shop menu was too big for the screen. (I still think it got glitched.) But ya, it'd be nice to have a Shop-Menu specific scale bar.

My shop window right now is completely random. Some games it's too small to read anything. (Thank god I recognize icons.) Others, it's too big to fit on screen...

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I have this problem. It's really stupid. Hoping for fix as well.

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Cooltrainer Ian



i still have this problem over a year later! what is the fix?