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Nidalee guide

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Hello summoners:
Here is a guide to all new Nidalee players, btw I main Nidalee, go check my profile.

1. At level 1, learn trap, get doran's ring. Put traps in brushes when you are waiting for minion to come.
2. At level 2, learn heal, once you have heal, you can harass the other squishy champions in lane, because heal increase you attack speed.
3. At level 3, learn spear, now you can harassing you enemy even more, but don't spear them if you are not sure if you will hit, it will just waste a tone of your mana.
4. At level 4-5, max you heal, a good Nidalee player will always max their heals.
5, At level 6, this is when you are strong, learn your uti, play aggresively. because from now on, you are very strong. You can probably get some kills on the squishies. Also try to gank enemies. If you have more money, get ward and to prevent from getting ganked.
6. At level 7 -18, Max your uti, and then spear, and last traps. When you are level 7-9, you should get red buff and blue. That is when you are extremely strong even to tanks. You can gank the squishies and get a lot of kills by now. And try to put traps in as much brushes as possible, because you need to control the map. (tip, put traps on top of enemy's wards will review them, also put traps in the opening of baron and dragon)

Team fight
Before team fight, try to spear as much as possible, but save some mana for during team fight healing. try to get ur enemy as low as possible. One spear can take half of ur squishy enemy's health.
when team fight broke out ------Never jump in at the beginning of team fight, that way you will die first because of you squishiness. let your tank go first, and when you are sure that your enemy is aimming at your tank not you, spear their dps/ carry, heal your team, put a trap beside their tank if you can, and uti, go in and deal burst damage, try to take out the dps/ carry first, never attack tank !!!
If you are low , flash out and heal, one heal should be around 800 hp... spear and and get in team fight again, remember that you are the most mobilized champions here.

Red - Armor pen.
Yellow- Dodge
Blue- Cool down reduction
Quen- Armor pen

I use armor pen because most of Nidalee's demage comes from her cougar form, which has a ad ratio of 1:1 and ap ratio of 0.5:1.

Items - I build Nidalee Ap carry ( items are not in order)
Doran's shield
Mercury's Treads
Lich Bane
Guinsoo's Rageblade
Rylai's Crystal Scepter- i get this item because it give me a lot of Hp (Nidalee is quishy), ap and it slow enemy, which is like a permanent red buff for me.
Rabadon's Deathcap


Summoner spell
Flash and Ghost - Because Nidalee is very mobilized, Flash and ghost will help her tower dive, jump in/ out of battles easily and escape/ attack easily.

Baron/ Dragon:
put some traps around enemy's path to baron/dragon if possible. Always control the map.

Of course this is my guild for playing NIdalee, I hope you like it ;p.
claw or spear, yours end the same...

There are a lot of different Nidalee build, this is just mine. different people have different opinion.