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Discover how to obtain FREE Riot Points easy and fast! I got $20 worth of Riot Points in just one day!

You want to buy a new champion, but the problem is you don't have enough influence points? The answer is Riot Points! In this guide you will discover how to receive FREE Riot Points

How you may ask? Just by completing surveys, you receive MONEY! With this money, you can claim a $10 Riot Points Card, as many time as you want! These surveys take just seconds to do, and they give 1-5 points each.

*Mobile offers give 5 points+ for each offer. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED*

Some skeptics might say this isn't real, but that's how I felt at first too. After I tried it, I was able to obtain a $10 Riot Card in less than an hour. After that I got another one just shortly after. Then I went and played League Of Legends.

I was able to buy all the champions and skins I want after this. This isn't the only thing you can buy either. With these points, you can get gift cards to Hollister, Abercrombie, Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, etc. It's endless because you can [B]CUSTOM ORDER ANYTHING![/B]

Well here is a guide on how to do this:


1.) Go to this link: HERE

2.) After you have clicked the link, a new page will open up. Enter the information asked to sign up for the easy, free website.

*It is recommended that you create a new email address just for the use of surveys and this website, as your email WILL be spammed with promotional offers after doing the quick surveys.*

3.) Clear your cookies and cache first, so the surveys will pay faster. Repeat this every time you start a new survey.

4.) Go back to the main website & log in... www.prizerebel.com

5.) Go to "Get Points" > "Available Offers"

6.) Under the Home Tool Bar, there are categories that separate countries and kinds of offers.

*HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: Go to the "Cell Phone Offers." Fastest and Highest Paying Offers. You can get a $10 Riot Card in just 5 minutes with these offers!

7.) Just complete the offers, fill out the surveys, and in no time you will have $10 points.

8.) Once you have 10 Points, go to the "Prizes" page.

9.) Select the "Online Games" category. Go to page 4. Click "Click here to claim this prize"

10.) It takes less than a day to process. Once processed, go to you "Claimed Prizes" page. Then click on the claim prize, and the code for the Riot Points Card will appear.

11.) Have fun!

You want Proof?
I've received over 2000+ points from these offers.
Go to http://imageshack.us/f/847/proofb.png/ to see picture of what I've received so far.

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Didn't I already troll this guy?

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Nice redirects, bro.