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League of legends start up problem

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The Soul Reaper

Junior Member


Some of you may have this problem where you click the icon for legue of legends and i dosn't show up or when it dose you hit play and nothing happens. I have found the soulution.

step 1 you have to restore you computer to a previos data so you go contol panel>system and secutiy>action center

when you get to the part with the actoin center don't press it under it subtittles where is say restore you computer to aearlier time.

PS restore to the time defore the problem started happening

step 2

do that and then you restore and that then you go to legue of legend icon and get to where the screan where you him play hit the setting and reapir it make take a will so if a errror ocus then just don't repiar agian you may have a update for the game do that update and it should work.

ps i do not have bad grammer it just i am tried and doing to bed so see ya