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A hacker told me!!!

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I read about a hacker that play in game and recibes double exp and all because they leave and next game they play at the same time,

install 2 lol games, american and european in diferent carpets.

First get in in any of them, leave a second after a full conection press alt f4 and loging in the other lol, next loging as normal people, buy something or change abilities, finally get out, then get in again in the other lol(leaver) and tachan! the windows syten ask you about restart some program and you say yes, you will enter as never get in, whit the leaving game still playing and if you play other you will recibe double points, I try it to did it and I recibed 241 points and I lost it that game, so I telling this because I want that you fix that bug, but if I will never return will be the hacker that told me that and if I say something he will hacking my account, a hacker whitout a name player, How do you report someone that has no name?, I will coppy and paste in all forums, I hope he wont hack me.

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Can the tribunal just ban this kid for being stupid?