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[Guide] AD/AP TF? No way!

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My biggest gripe/concern is that when I played a similar build, it just seemed so easy/obvious to counter. Every few minutes, the other team would send somebody to make sure my creeps didn't form a huge wave and blam, I can't take down turrets nearly as effectively, and that seemed to be the biggest selling point of the build.

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The Narrator

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Yo, just checking back in...

I've played a lot as TF recently (Though, I'm still no expert), and I'm starting more and more to see Charmi's side of this. Recently, I swapped over to a full defense mastery set (offensive worked great before) and have swapped to merc treads vs some teams due to how often I was targeted and CC'd down. When I play in pub games instead of premades with friends, it's not as much of an issue, but TF is definitely a glass-jawed champion. Getting close enough to auto attack for more than a few seconds is often deadly. This is counterable by only being in for a few seconds, and 'wasting' potential damage output in favor of making yourself less of a target.

While most AP TFs are more than lackluster, they do have the advantage of having slightly better burst and far better range lategame. Of course, I may have just not seen a high end AP TF. The ones I do encounter are typically not a significant threat.

Attack speed TF does seem to have an offensive (DPS) advantage for much of the game, until heavy teamfighting is the only thing going on. And in ideal cases, I'd say even there attack speed TF does have a higher damage output. But not every teamfight begins with a tank, and you don't always know where all of them are, which makes staying away from the enemy a challenge.

TLDR: Attack speed TF seems stronger for solo ganks, laning(?), and midgame. For heavy teamfights and well organized games, I could see the advantages of AP TF.

P.S. The incoming nerfs to SotD and SD really hurt attack speed TF's tower breaking ability, may change item build or game focus slightly in light of that...