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Skins + Rune Page = win win

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Most players don't want/need skins however they make Riot money so as a matter of contribution to the company i bought one. What i do need is more rune pages and respecing my masteries for each time I change my character is annoying too.

Rune pages cost money for Riot to maintain in terms of additional code to run through qa every patch + initial dev time and increased seek times for character data. Yes it only needs to happen once a battle, but during peak hours it means more lag that they have to compensate for with either code that could be harder to maintain or hardware.

So as a solution to both problems i propose the Advanced Skin Page.

Basically the idea is to allow skins to have the ability to store a rune page, masteries and spells that you as a player can configure for the character to which the skin goes. So instead of having to work out all of the details right before the battle and worry about last minute changes to fill needed group roles; if you have a skin for the character you have selected you can select the skin and have all of the masteries runes and spells you assigned to it in one click. necessary? no, handy? very. This helps Riot get money for those who want this convenience to offset the cost to them and makes skins much more attractive to otherwise uninterested players.

long story short the title says it all