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Champion Information

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Right now the tooltip of the champions are incomplete, besides certain issues that I'm sure that are because of the beta status (not all of the champions have the corresponding icon on the skills, the recomendations for play and slay are incomplete, they don't have yet the plot thingy) and I'm sure that they will be adressed for the final relase, but I have some sugestion: The champion 5th skill, it is something that has to be known, it should go here!!

Something less mandatory, but that will be usefull is the complete information of the spells, including the damage/coldown/effect/cost change for each level up, including the scalling for the 5th skill (when apply)

The numeric stats of the champions, I mean the bars are good for a quick overview of the champion, but I want to know in numeric the range, the hp, the mana pool, etc.

The posibility of toying around with the model of the champion.. it would be a nice to have, to check it out from all angles, make it show its diferent animations and phrases.

Finaly, to be able to see the effects of your runes/masteries in the stats.