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Did you really close HSGG's thread?

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You know who else had to compete against EG? TSM did. Twice. They even lost the first time, but then went to the loser's bracket, to play against, you guessed it, CLG. Then TSM beat CLG, went to the finals, and beat EG. How can HSGG possibly say that TSM was given the easier route, considering that CLG got to ride through the loser's bracket, then actually lost to the team they were bashing, and then that team went on to beat EG, who originally beat CLG.

tl;dr Spend some of your time in scrims instead of solo queue and maybe you won't have to whine about the seeding next time.

Edit: Oh, and the idea that EG would throw a game vs. TSM is just ridiculous. They shouldn't have moved the seeding, but that's not the issue here. There is no issue. CLG played terribly, and deserved their loss. End of story. He needs to stop making excuses and play like the number 1 seed team that they're supposed to be.