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"Unspecified Error" at patcher- how can i fix this...

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hey, so i haven't been able to play LoL for a week now sad i know.
i've experienced several different issues with the game. while at first, opening the game made it freeze(i have another post about this, i don't even know if the issue is solved), after an uninstall/reinstall with multiple issues, the game began downloading the patch. this was around sunday or monday, so it was for one patch prior to this, but since the newest release the problem has remained unchanged. at 33 percent- almost always while loading "lol_game_client_en_us_releases_0.0.0.20_releasemanifest" it seems- it says that "an unspecified error has occurred". it gives me the option to send logs, which i attempt, but that either doesn't work or redirects me to the merchandise store. i'm sincerely at a loss, because while i have little to no true experience with computers, it seems like i should have figured it out by now...

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You should post this in the Tech Support section rather than the Competitive Discussion, buddy

The kinds of helpful information you can find in the tech support area:

Try copying the RADS folder and lol.launcher.exe to C:\ and launching it there as a temporary fix.

Ports... They are a funny little thing..

Make sure they are open.


If they are open, check that they are open again. Then check on google for a Port checker, and check them again!

Hope it helps!

Edit: you can also check your firewall... but I like ports, so I am gonna stick with Ports as your problem. (lol but still check your firewall).