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optimization for low-end computers

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I normally play on a recently-built desktop, but I have a laptop I bought a little over 2 years ago for $400 and I wanted to test the game on it to give you some feedback for a low-end computer performance.

The specs:
Acer aspire 5570Z
Windows Vista home premium(32bit)
Pentium dual core T2080 1.73GHz
1 GB memory
intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950 (integrated 251mb)

I closed all running applications to run LoL. I decided to simply start a practice game with a few bots for testing purposes. When the game first loaded, there was a significant amount of startup lag upon loading everything, which is understandable. Then upon trying to play, there was also a significant amount of video lag.

I opened up the video settings and saw that the settings were set at auto, and it had set my computer to run at 1280x800, and had put all of the settings on low. I selected custom settings and set the settings on the very minimum as well as the lowest resolution to see if the game would run any smoother, and was pleased when it ran decently smooth. There was very little video lag when playing the game, and it was certainly playable.

I do suggest you refine the auto video selection feature, however, although I'm not sure exactly how it technically works. Maybe there's a way to have the same system in place, but add a feature where the game will sample the fps and further adjust the settings, maybe not even in game but through the pre-game HUD