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looking for a good kayle build

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Looking for a good build for kayle. Can never seem to find the right items to bring kayle's potential out.

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The Fat Battler

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It sort of depends on what you're doing with Kayle.

You've got to realize a few things about her, though. She is a terrible farmer, and not much will change that. So, you should never think that a build that has a Zhonya's in it, and an Archangels' Staff, and a Rod of Ages or something like that is viable on Kayle. She's a craptacular farmer.

Kayle is also a fairly crappy tank. She can't really do too much of anything, let alone afford most tank gear.

Generally, you want to try damage builds with Kayle.

Let me use my build as an example. It focuses on spamming a powerful Reckoning, chasing enemies down, and protecting oneself to preserve Mejai's Stacks.

-Faerie Charm
-Rejuvenation Bead
-HP Pot

-Charm + Bead -> Haunting Guise (1337 G)

-Mejai's Soulstealer (get this first normally, rush it instead of Guise if you're doing great, this is a must for AP Kayle) (1235 G)
-Chalice of Harmony (get this first if you're not doing so great) (890 G)

-Boots -> Boots of Swiftness (Reckoning + Divine Blessing + Swiftness lets you chase down anything) (1000 G)
-Boots -> Boots of Mobility (sometimes I use this instead if I'm feeling different)
-Spirit Visage (Kayle will be surprisingly difficult to kill and can doesn't have to blue pill for a long time with his and Chalice) (1250 G)

-Guinsoo's Rageblade (a good item on any Kayle to be honest) (2235 G)

This one dude I know who calls his build the "Seeker Spec" Kayle as if everyone knows what it is uses, well, this build:

Philosopher's Stone
Berserker Greaves
Sheen -> Trinity Force
Zeal -> Phantom Dancer (if the game goes for too long)

It's a build focused on using Reckoning as a slowing tool instead of a damage tool like mine, and all the damage comes from physical damage.

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I personally start with ignite and flash for summoner spells.

Then I take ALL ability power runes (start with 31 AP).

For masteries I take enough offense to get cooldown, ignite and magic pen, then enough utility tree to get cooldown reduction. The first combat with a hero I engage in, I drop ignite on them so I get the 10 AP while its on CD.

For my gear I build a meki pendant and healing potions at level 1. Next I get basic boots and an amplifying tomb. I build the tomb into a mejai soulstealer if I'm not dying, otherwise I start to build a nashor's tooth (either way, I'll eventually build both). I get boots of mobility as soon as I can afford them. Then I start building a lich-bane. The last two slots I change depending on the situation, but normally I build a guardian angel and a Rylai's Scepter. Alternately build a banshee's veil if you need it or even any item with a ton of AP .

For spells, I always take reckoning first; this is the bread and butter of an AP build Kayle.

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Typically, I start with the same core:

Chalice of Harmony
Nashor's Tooth
Boots-Spell Reduction

From there I adjust to the game, but lately I do a guinsoo's rageblade followed by either sheen or phage and build that up to either lichbane or frozen mallet. It depends mainly on whether I am the only tanklike character on our team our if I die to quickly. This tends to make me well-rounded and Very capable of fight controlling.