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LoL takes too long to get into?

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I dont know if this is just my computer (which is pretty crappy and old tbh) but it just seems to take forever to get into LoL sometimes.

Click Launcher, checks for patch, click Play.
More waiting, log in comes up, jerky slow writing (im sure that is my computer).
Some more jerkyness and i can finally join queue.

This isnt so bad the first time, but when i find myself having a lot of PVP.net client errors like just errors in general that say my session has ended or whatever, or that i cannot join a queue because i am already in a game or something along those lines it really starts to bug me.

Whereas WoW (comparison yay) it just works amazingly. I can just click play straight away, and if there happens to be a patch it simply redirects to download it. Log in screen is really smooth (i guess thats because its in a game, not a launcher window sort of thing) and loading is quick and painless.

Obviously its not Riots top priority but it would be nice to work on!

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mini mink man

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so long (raging)