So about that Open API

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I know this has been asked for before but hey I am asking for it again. It would be real cool if I could make some sort of android app that could show my profile or track the top player or whatever..... but to do it we need an open api.

Now I am going to take this fight a little different then my predecessors.

Now the thing I can not figure out, you guys pretend to be all about the community you have that weekly show where someone sends in a doll of Mundo or whatever, but you are excluding your technical audience. I can not sow or draw or paint like Bob Ross but what I can do is make an Android and IOS app that lets me see how many people played Blitzcrank(The best character in the game) this week.... or I could if I had an open api. So what is this, oh let me showcase all the artsy peoples stuff but if you are technical you can suck it!? I want to have my stuff showcased, I want to be able to contribute to the community and all I am asking you to do is give me that chance.

I can see why you would be reluctant to give us this. I understand that you do not want us pinging your servers 1000000000 times a day cause everyone and his brother make a LoL web app and you are afraid that it could lead to other security risk. But even if your api only gave us access to a janky public server that got updated once a week that would be better than nothing.

Hopefully I grabbed your attention(LOL Blitzcrank joke hilarious). Just give us a developer API

======C <------Blitz grab